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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you a Website Designer or a Website Developer?

We are both Website Designers and Developers. By working with us, you only need one company to produce your website which greatly simplifies the process. We design websites in several graphic design systems first but Adobe Photoshop is the most common. We then develop your website in the best platform for you, whether that be WordPress, PHP or a Laravel powered solution to name a few.

2. Do you provide your services world-wide?

Yes we do. From Wellington to London and everywhere in between, we would love to work with you and for you, to champion your Website, SEO or Ads campaigns. We are based on the Kapiti Coast in Wellington, New Zealand and can invoice in all major currencies.

3. What are Analytics and why should I care?

Web Analytics, such as those provided by us with our VIEWFULE Analytics suite or by Google via their Google Analytics service. Help you to understand your customers better and, in turn, sell more effectively to them.

Web Analytics really are the future as they provide you with so much information on what your customers are actually doing on your website. In addition to where they are coming from and what product or service is of most interest to them.

For example, if you knew that half the products in your online shop were not viewed by a single person over the past 3 months; you would be concerned right? Or perhaps, if one of your products in particular was receiving lots of visitors but there were no sales to follow them up. Like most leaders, you would probably be thinking 50 different possibilities why this might be the case. But, they would all be guesses.

The reports we produce can provide you with exceptional clarity in your decision making that can save you time and money. The best part though, they can achieve it rapidly so you can turn things around.

4. Why do you utilise Psychology in your services?

Because it works incredibly well at converting. It all starts with the basics, if a customer feels valued, heard and not ‘sold to’, they will build trust with your brand more easily. As a result, they are more likely to spend with you, this is common among introverts and extroverts.

By combining the above ‘soft sell’ approach with a psychological examination of your clients, such as learning their preferred colours, it takes things to the next level and personalises their experience. It can break down barriers and makes them feel connected with your brand therefore making them more comfortable about spending with you and doing so more frequently.

In a world with over 2.1 Billion websites, you need to do everything you can to stand out from the crowd whilst getting an edge over your competition at the same time. This approach really helps give you that edge, and much more.

5. Do you offer a Mobile App Development service?

Yes we do, we develop in the two biggest mobile software development kits – Google Flutter and React Native.

This means we can design and create you a mobile app on iOS and Android that meets all your requirements. From a restaurant ordering app, to a TV or Radio streaming app and everything in between – we have you covered.

The reason we only develop in these two kits and not pure Native, for example, is to provide our clients with the best value possible. Mobile app development is inherently expensive and one of the biggest reasons for this is having to develop the same app twice for each platform, iOS and Android. This effectively doubles your costs and requires constant upkeep for every update released.

By developing in Google Flutter or React Native, these problems are mostly solved as you only develop your app once and it creates an app for both iOS and Android in one go. Updates are less of a problem too and much faster to implement a solution when needed.

Contact us for your FREE consultation and we’ll happily meet with you to discuss your Mobile App development needs.

6. What are the benefits of SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation has 3 major advantages for your website and ultimately your Brand.

  1. Validates your business. If you are on the front page of Google, you are immediately viewed as important, successful and an authoritative source. Ask yourself this question, when was the last time you browsed beyond the front page?
  2. Reach the right visitor. SEO is all about refining your web presence to target the ‘perfect visitor’ so you will receive a much higher ratio of the types of people you really want. This could mean more sales if that’s your goal.
  3. Out rank your Competition. Once your website is fully SEO optimised, in time, you are much more likely to out rank a competitor who isn’t on top of their SEO. Their loss, is very much your gain and this could mean gaining market share.

7. What is SEM and do I really need it?

Search Engine Marketing uses paid advertising platforms to promote your business instantly. This makes it a popular option if speed is a factor as SEO usually takes time before you feel the benefits. Google Ads and Microsoft Ads are two popular options but there are many others.

SEM can be a fast way of receiving visitor traffic to your website as once those Ads are running the traffic is flowing more or less instantaneously. Whether you really need it or not depends entirely on what your goals and budget are. It’s incredibly important to have them both clearly defined before starting any campaigns as you are paying for every lead you are sent, whether it converts or not.

For a discussion about whether SEM is right for your business, reach out for your FREE consultation.

8. What is the difference between SEM and PPC?

Both SEM and PPC are terms often used interchangeably by marketing companies and, understandably, this can become confusing. Especially as they are both paid forms of advertising. So what are the differences, if any?

SEM stands for ‘Search Engine Marketing’ and is best described as a blanket term for any kind of activity intended to make a website easier to find via a search engine, such as Google.

PPC stands for ‘Pay per Click’ and refers to a specific type of online advertising that charges you for every click a visitor makes on your Ad, this could be on Facebook for example.

The biggest difference between the two is where they apply. SEM is really only search engine related whereas PPC covers just about everywhere else. To be successful online these days, with so much competition around, most businesses need a blend of paid-for and organic strategies to get found and convert their ideal customers.

Contact us for your FREE consultation and we’ll discuss through your marketing options and advise whether SEM or PPC are suitable for your needs.

9. What is CRO and does it really work?

Conversion Rate Optimisation, or CRO, is the systematic process of identifying, testing and optimising your web marketing strategy. Depending on what industry your business is in and the services you offer, the methods used will vary. But the aim, ultimately, is to increase the percentage of visitors that take a desired action on your website. Such as buying a product or service, downloading a PDF, or subscribing to a Newsletter/Social Media.

CRO is all about making lots of incremental improvements, the gains might be 1% here or 4% there, but once everything is optimised, those percentages can really add up. Going from 10% to 15% might be upwards of 300 more sales per month in some cases.

In a broader sense, the purpose of CRO is to optimise your entire marketing process and by doing so, make everything work smoothly; and the more optimised your marketing, the higher your conversion rate usually is.

Every single business can benefit from the effects of CRO, large or small, So reach out for your FREE consultation and we’ll talk you through it.

10. Are you a 'Google Partner' or 'Premier Partner'?

No, and this is by choice.

By working with a ‘Google Partner’ or ‘Google Premier Partner’ for your Google Ads campaign it does not gain you, as a customer, anything new or additional. It does not guarantee you more sales or a higher quality marketing experience. This is wholly dependant on the individual themselves creating and managing your campaigns. So it’s really important to find out who that person is, what their level of experience is and what they have achieved for others in your industry.

The ‘Google Partner program’ is a scheme which incentivises and rewards the business that the sells the Google Ads platform. Google rewards these businesses with perks such as hockey tables and tablets, among other gifts, when they achieve certain thresholds each year. With this in mind, ask yourself this question. Do I trust a business to offer me an honest and impartial opinion on whether Google Ads is truly right for my needs if they are receiving incentives from Google to do so?

There is a growing number of businesses around the world that believe moral and ethical boundaries have been crossed with this program. Click here to read an article written in November 2021 by one that used to be a Google Partner and was a strong advocate from the launch of the program. However, they too have since left the program due to their concerns over how it operates and how it has evolved over the years.

At VIEWFULE, we put our clients first above all else and take pride in offering everyone, from start-ups to established industry leaders, honest and impartial web services advice. Therefore, becoming a ‘Google Partner’ or ‘Google Premier Partner’ we feel will simply not meet our minimum level of standard to you.

11. Do you offer a Money-back Guarantee?

Yes we do. We are one of the only Web Services companies on the Kapiti Coast, and throughout New Zealand, that proudly offer our clients a 100% Money-back Guarantee.

If you are unhappy with the service received and all options have been explored to mediate, a 100% money back guarantee applies to the individual and specific tasks we provided you. This refund policy applies strictly to the services we provided and do not apply to services charged or provided by other organisations – such as Google Ads. Please read our Terms and Conditions page for more information or contact us.

Our aim is to build long-term, lasting relationships with our clients and not to make a ‘quick buck’. So if it doesn’t work out between us, we would much prefer to part ways under the best possible terms with you.

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