Why Content is King in Digital Marketing (And How to Do Content Marketing in 2024)

Welcome to the digital marketplace of 2024, where the importance of quality content has never been more important. As we navigate the intricate web of online advertising, let’s explore why creating and disseminating ihirangi whakauru is the cornerstone of any successful content strategy. Your brand’s digital presence hinges on compelling narratives and insightful information that captivate your target audience to drive true and lasting engagement.

In an era where consumers are constantly bombarded with promotional messages, the brands that stand out are the ones that offer more than just their products or services; they offer knowledge, entertainment, and a gateway to a more informed digital existence. Crafting a content strategy in online advertising that resonates with your audience requires a deep understanding of their needs and the creative finesse to meet them.

Appreciating the power of content in modern marketing is not just about recognising its role; it’s about mastering its application to form lasting connections with your audience. Read on to discover how to harness the potential of content in 2024 and keep your brand at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Nga Taketake matua

  • Quality content remains at the heart of successful digital marketing.
  • Audience engagement is fuelled by content that is useful and entertaining.
  • Strategic content creation is essential for standing out in a saturated online market.
  • Understanding your audience’s needs is key to developing effective content strategies.
  • Emphasise content authenticity to form deeper connections with your consumers.
  • The right content can elevate your brand’s digital presence and encourage brand loyalty.

The Historical Insight: Who First Proclaimed “Content is King”

As you delve into the annals of digital history, you’ll encounter a pivotal moment that shaped the internet as a platform for brand building and content dissemination. It was in 1996 when Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, penned an essay that not only coined the phrase “Content is King” but also prophesied the exponential influence content would have online. This insight has since echoed through the decades, underpinning the fundamental role of content creation in brand building.

The Origin of the Phrase

The terminology that has become a guiding principle for digital marketers originated from the mind of a tech pioneer. Gates’ essay envisioned the internet as a marketplace for content, where the value of news, software, and original material would be rawa significant. His accurate prediction laid the groundwork for modern content marketing strategies.

Bill Gates’ Prophetic Vision for Content

Bill Gates’ frank view on content foresaw a digital era where information would be accessible and shareable like never before. He anticipated a revolution where subscription services would pave the way for innovative content structures, thus empowering both consumers and creators alike. Gates understood that content would become the currency of the internet, empowering brands to reach audiences on a scale previously unimaginable.

The Evolving Landscape of Digital Content

The internet, ever dynamic, has seen a multitude of platforms emerge, each fostering its own unique brand of content. Niche forums like Reddit, video-sharing apps like TikTok, and audio-centered platforms like Clubhouse have reaffirmed Gates’ prediction, cementing content’s sovereignty in the digital space. The landscape continuously evolves, highlighting the essential truth that in the realm of digital marketing,content really is king.

Year Content Milestone Impact on Brand Building
1996 Bill Gates’ “Content is King” Essay Transformative perspective on the future role of the internet in content distribution and brand marketing.
Early 2000s Advent of Blogging Provided brands a voice and personal touchpoint with audiences; encouraged SEO-centric content creation.
2010s Rise of Social Media Platforms Facilitated real-time, interactive brand communications; increased user-generated content and community engagement.
2020s Expansion of Video and Streaming Services Gave rise to visual storytelling and influencer partnerships, thus strengthening brand narratives and reach.

Establishing Trust Through Quality Content

In today’s interconnected digital world, the battle for consumer trust has moved from the high street to the information superhighway. Your brand identity is often first encountered through the content you share online, making it a fundamental part of building a relationship with your audience. It’s not just about creating content; it’s about crafting authentic experiences that resonate with your customers and engender loyalty. Achieving this trust is paramount in distinguishing your brand in an ecosystem awash with competitors vying for attention.

Maximising Organic Traffic

The Skepticism Toward Traditional Advertising

There’s an increasing unease with the intrusiveness of traditional advertising, leading you, along with many others, to seek out content that feels more genuine and less motivated by sales. This shift in perception underscores the need for a strategy that prioritises maximising organic traffic with content creation, an approach that aligns with escalating consumer discernment.

Organic Content as a Gateway to Credibility

It’s clear that the mechanisms of traditional advertising have lost some sheen, but there is hope in organic content. Found within the search results of Google, nestled within instructional YouTube videos, or across insightful blog posts on social media, lies the key to building audience trust in brand. This kind of content serves as your silent ambassador, explaining, educating, and entertaining without overtly selling—a powerful tool to engage and retain customers.

A recent survey on consumer habits revealed that:

Consumer Action Percentage Impact on Organic Traffic
Use of Ad Blockers 47% Increased Focus on Content
Preference for Organic Search Results 89% Higher Trust and Engagement
Engagement with Brands via Social Media 55% Amplified Brand Loyalty

To nurture this authenticity, remember that your content should serve as a beacon of trust, reliably guiding your audience through the noise and commotion of today’s digital marketplace. By maximising organic traffic with content creation, you’re not only reaching out to potential customers; you’re also fostering a community of informed and engaged brand advocates.

Branding Mastery with a Content-Driven Approach

As the landscape of digital media perpetually evolves, the potential of content creation in brand building cannot be understated. Utilising content as a comprehensive branding tool is key not just for audience engagement, but also for etching a distinctive brand identity into the public consciousness. Every piece of content—whether it’s an infographic, a video, or an in-depth article—carries with it the possibility to become representative of your brand’s essence and values.

A blend of strategy and creativity in content creation serves to harmonise various facets of a brand. When you convey messages tailored to resonate with your audience, it fosters immense brand loyalty and recognition. It’s imperative to understand that consistency in both the quality and voice of your content is what will make your brand memorable and trustworthy in the minds of consumers.

Let’s delve into various tools and techniques that encapsulate the essence of successful brand storytelling through content creation:

  1. Content Consistency: Maintain a harmonious narrative across all platforms to reinforce your brand’s identity.
  2. Value-driven Content: Provide actionable insights that align with your audience’s expectations and your brand’s values.
  3. Visual Storytelling: Leveraging visual search and video streams to create an emotional connection with audiences.
  4. SEO Optimisation: Ensure your content is easily discoverable by adhering to SEO best practices.
  5. Engagement Analytics: Use data-driven insights to refine and improve content strategies.

Understanding the pillars of content that can amplify your brand’s message is also critical:

Content Pillar Whakaahuatanga Nga painga
Informative Blogs Well-researched articles that educate and inform the reader. Positions brand as an authority, improves SEO.
Inspirational Stories Narratives that connect on a personal level and inspire action. Develops emotional connections, enhances brand loyalty.
Interactive Content Quizzes, polls, and interactive videos. Increases engagement, collects consumer data.
User-Generated Content Content created by users through reviews or social media sharing. Boosts credibility, creates community around the brand.

Irrespective of the medium, it is paramount that each content piece embodies the heart of your brand, elevating its perception through the consistent delivery of relevance and quality. Alone, an image might capture attention, but through strategic brand building, that image can profoundly associate with your brand’s story and values, leaving an indelible mark on your audience.

“In the realm of branding, content is not just king but the kingdom itself, shaping perceptions, building communities, and driving growth.”

It’s your turn to harness the full spectrum of content’s power in your branding efforts. Remember, successful brands are built on stories told well, and yours has a narrative deserving of a grand audience. Embrace the prowess of a content-driven approach to redefine your brand for the digital age.

Why Content is King in Digital Marketing

In the realm of digital marketing, the saying “content is king” maintains its reign. One primary reason is the significant SEO benefits of content marketing, which stems from its influence on search engine algorithms. When you create content that’s not merely engaging, but packed with expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, you’re essentially tailoring your online presence to the preferences of search engines like Google.

Content’s Role in Influencing Search Engine Algorithms

Search engines have a penchant for websites that emit a sense of authority. Hence, crafting content that reflects a deep understanding of your niche can markedly boost your site’s visibility. Content marketing is thus a bridge to engaging your audience through valuable content, which search engines value dearly. As these platforms become increasingly sophisticated, they’re calibrated to reward content that satisfies user queries comprehensively.

seo benefits of content marketing

Interactivity and Personalisation in Modern Content

The digital space is evolving, and with it, the demands for more interactive and personalised content. Brands that recognise and incorporate interactivity in their content strategy tend to have a better chance at engaging with the audience on a personal level. Whether it’s through quizzes, personalised email campaigns, or interactive infographics, such content can significantly enhance the user experience and thus reinforce audience loyalty and trust.

Financial Prudence: The Cost-Effectiveness of Content Marketing

In today’s digital economy, one cannot overstate the importance of content marketing cost-effectiveness. As you reassess your brand’s promotional activities, consider that an ever-increasing number of marketers are recognising the substantial return on investment offered by effective content strategies. It’s a financially savvy phase; businesses are utilising scalable content strategies to dramatically enhance their reach while keeping expenses in check.

Imagine that content marketing is akin to a Swiss Army knife – a multifunctional tool adapting to your varying needs. It can be calibrated and adjusted in response to performance analytics, market trends, and audience feedback, making it an incredibly versatile aspect of your overall marketing schema. Such flexibility is not only prudent but necessary in a landscape that never ceases to evolve.

Content Marketing Element Cost Long-Term Value
Evergreen Blog Posts Low-Medium High (SEO and Engagement)
Social Media Campaigns Variable Medium (Brand Awareness)
Instructional Videos Waenga-Teitei High (Brand Trust and Product Understanding)
Infographics Iti Medium (Shareability and Visual Engagement)
Email Newsletters Iti Medium-High (Customer Retention and Direct Marketing)

Ka tae mai ki cost-effectiveness, content marketing often trumps other forms of advertising due to its organic nature—its capability to generate traffic without resorting to paid channels. It’s a testament to the power of a well-articulated message capturing the imagination of your audience, leading to shares, saves, and organic discussion—all hallmarks of successful engagement.

Remember, every piece of content you publish reflects your brand narrative, educating your prospects, nurturing leads, and maintaining existing customer bases—roles that are traditionally managed by separate wings of a marketing department.

This integrated approach not only saves on costs but also streamlines your communication, ensuring that your messaging remains consistent and potent.

As you march forward into tomorrow’s marketing battlegrounds, having scalable content strategies in your arsenal is not just preferred, it is essential. Your audience demands it, and your budget will thank you for it. Content marketing isn’t just cost-effective; it’s cost-smart.

Delving into Audience Insights via Content Engagement

In today’s digital marketing, a robust content strategy is pivotal for connection and growth. Understanding the fabric of your audience – their desires, problems, and behaviours – can drive tailored targeted content creation and sharpen your audience segmentation, leading to more resonant and effective engagements.

Identifying and Targeting Audience Segments

Your journey to master content marketing begins with an in-depth analysis of audience segments. Identify distinct groups within your market and understand what motivates each segment. Engage with data, align your content with audience preferences, and monitor how they interact with your brand. This will not only increase your content’s relevance but also its impact.

Creating Content That Resonates and Informs

Once you’ve segmented your audience, the next step is crafting content that speaks directly to them. It’s about striking a chord – a blend of relevance, empathy, and utility woven into each paragraph, video, or post. Insightful content satisfies curiosity, resolves uncertainties, and cultivates a knowledgeable base of followers who look to your brand for guidance.

Audience Engagement

Let’s put this strategy into perspective with a simplified table. Imagine you own a boutique teashop, and you’ve identified two primary customer segments: Health Enthusiasts and Avid Tea collectors. Here’s how you might approach content creation for each:

Audience Segment Interests & Needs Content Approach
Health Enthusiasts Detailed benefits of different teas, wellness tips Blog posts on tea’s health benefits, wellness lifestyle vlogs, infographics on antioxidants
Avid Tea Collectors Rare tea blends, brewing techniques, history Newsletters featuring exotic blends, video tutorials on brewing, podcast interviews with connoisseurs

By leveraging tailored content, you can assure that your message is not just heard but felt, invoking a response and fostering a community around your brand. Take the time to resonate and inform and watch as your content strategy elevates from mere noise in the digital expanse to a symphony that serenades your audience.

Unveiling Your Brand’s Unique Voice Through Content

To brand voice is the distinctive personality your brand communicates through its content. It’s essential to mould this voice with authenticity to truly resonate with your audience. A distinctive unique content personality can be the driving force that sets your brand apart in a crowded digital marketplace. It’s not just about what you say; it’s how you say it that can transform mere words into a symphony of brand identity.

Brand Voice and Content Personality

Consider the following table that contrasts different content approaches with their impact on brand personality.

Content Approach Impact on Brand Personality
Conversational Tone Makes the brand more relatable and approachable
Technical Insights Positions the brand as a knowledgeable leader in its field
Storytelling Emphasises the brand’s creative side and engages the audience emotionally
Niche Topics Highlights brand expertise and dedication to specific areas of interest

To carve out a unique content personality, you should focus on what makes your brand especial. Infuse personal anecdotes, share behind-the-scenes experiences, or provide expert insights into niche subjects. It’s about creating a voice that reflects your brand’s core values and ethos. In doing so, you form a stronger connection with your audience, one where they can recognise the distinct voice behind every post, tweet, and article as unmistakably yours.

By embracing your brand’s uniqueness in your content, you don’t just follow trends, you set them. Your audience will learn not just to recognise your brand voice, but to look forward to hearing it, to trust it as a source of innovation and inspiration within your industry.

Enhancing SEO and E-A-T with Authoritative Content

In today’s competitive online space, the marriage of search engine optimisation and authoritative content is not just ideal, but essential. It is through this union that your brand can achieve the online success it seeks. Content marketing for higher search engine rankings involves crafting pieces that resonate with both your audience and search engine algorithms. Let’s delve into how you can manifest this synergy and enhance your brand’s digital footprint.

Google’s Criteria for Quality Content

Understanding and meeting Google’s expectations for quality content is crucial. It looks for signals that signify expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness—components that, when woven into your content strategy, can significantly boost your presence in search results. But what does it take to align your content with these criteria? Focus on evidencing your knowledge, citing credible sources, and maintaining an updated online presence to enhance your authority and trustworthiness.

Creating Compelling Content for Higher Search Engine Rankings

Creating compelling content is a multifaceted endeavour. From in-depth research to skilful storytelling, every element plays a part in elevating your content’s appeal and effectiveness. To aid in your quest for higher search engine rankings through content marketing, consider imbuing your content with rich information, actionable advice, and a distinctive voice that captures and sustains your readers’ attention.

Below is a guide to the critical dimensions of content that can help you achieve online success:

Content Dimension Whakaahuatanga SEO Benefit
Tikanga Content tailored to answer the direct queries of your target audience. Higher rankings in SERPs as it meets user intent.
Originality Content that offers unique insights and avoids plagiarism. Distinguishes your content from competitors.
Maramatanga Content that is concise and easy to understand. Improves user experience, increasing time spent on your site.
Engagement Content that promotes user interaction and sharing. Enhanced visibility and organic reach.
Evidence-Based Content supported by data and credible research. Builds E-A-T by demonstrating expertise and authoritativeness.

To showcase your proficiency in an area, interviews with experts and detailed case studies can significantly enhance your content’s credibility. Remember that your end goal is a well-informed reader who trusts your content enough to return for more.

Involve your audience in your brand’s journey by asking for their opinions and encouraging them to share their experiences related to your content. Making this connection with your readers fosters a committed following that can serve as advocates for your brand.

SEO Benefits of Content Marketing

Keep in mind that every piece of content you produce should not only abide by SEO best practices, but should also embody the values and essence of your brand. By striking this balance, you’re on your path to creating compelling content for online success—a journey that will see your brand rise through the search engine ranks, one quality post at a time.


As we wrap up our insights on the ever-potent role of content in digital marketing, it’s paramount to acknowledge the continuous dominion of quality content in engaging and retaining your audience. It’s not simply about filling the internet with words; it’s about crafting narratives that resonate, educate, and convert. Your online success with content marketing hinges upon the calibre of material you put forth—which should be as robust and dynamic as the digital landscape itself.

Reflecting on Content’s Continued Dominion

Throughout the years, the principle that content reigns supreme remains uncontested. From the kernels of Bill Gates’ vision to the multifaceted digital world of 2024, the ability to produce authentic and valuable content is still your golden ticket to attracting and retaining consumers. It’s clear that such content acts as the cornerstone of building lasting online success, positioning it as an indispensable feature in your content strategy for digital marketing.

Embracing Authentic and Valuable Content Creation

Steering away from the ephemeral trends, it is the authentic and invaluable content that consistently garners admiration and loyalty. By committing to a strategy that values the creation of engaging, informative, and relatable content, you position your brand as a reliable and authoritative voice in your industry. This shift towards meaningful communication, sustained by a profound understanding of consumer needs, spells the future of customer-brand relationships.

Looking Ahead: Content Marketing Strategies for 2024

The future beckons with changes and advancements, and your content marketing strategies must evolve apace. Forging ahead, remember to anchor your plans in the practices that uphold the integrity and value of your content. It’s this dedication to quality that will enshrine your brand in the good graces of both your audience and the search engine algorithms. Should you seek further inspiration or guidance in crafting these bespoke strategies for a New Zealand audience, feel free to reach out. Success is just a content piece away—a reality made possible by your investment in superior content creation.

Ngā Pātai Auau

What makes content so crucial in digital marketing?

Content is critical in digital marketing because it engages audiences with valuable information, builds trust between consumers and brands, and ultimately drives organic traffic and conversion rates. A well-defined content strategy also enhances online advertising efforts, making it fundamental to digital success.

Who first said “Content is King” and what did it mean?

The phrase “Content is King” was coined by Bill Gates in 1996. It reflected his vision that content would be pivotal on the Internet, providing tremendous opportunities for both information and entertainment. Gates foresaw that those who mastered content creation would have a significant advantage in the digital space.

How has the landscape of digital content evolved since its inception?

The digital content landscape has evolved remarkably, with new platforms like TikTok and augmented reality becoming mainstream. Content delivery has become more diverse, including podcasts, videos, and interactive media. These platforms offer content creators more avenues to connect with audiences and build their brands.

Why is there a growing skepticism towards traditional advertising?

Consumers increasingly distrust traditional advertising due to its overtly promotional nature and frequent disconnect with user interests. People prefer organic content that they find themselves, which feels more authentic and less intrusive than conventional ads.

How does quality content build audience trust in a brand?

Quality content builds trust by providing consumers with valuable information and solutions that address their needs without overt selling. This approach positions a brand as an expert in its field and fosters a reputation for reliability and credibility.

Why is content described as a comprehensive branding tool?

Content serves as a comprehensive branding tool because it permeates every aspect of a brand’s online presence. With each piece of content, from blog posts to images, brands can weave their narrative and values, creating a coherent and recognisable identity across different media.

How does engaging content influence search engine algorithms?

Engaging content influences search engine algorithms by demonstrating expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (E-A-T). Google’s algorithms favour websites that provide high-quality, relevant information. Thus, engaging content can improve a site’s search engine rankings and overall visibility.

In what ways is content marketing cost-effective and scalable for businesses?

Content marketing is cost-effective because it generally requires lower investment compared to traditional advertising and has the potential for high ROI due to its enduring online presence. It’s scalable because it can be adjusted to suit different budgets, goals, and audience sizes.

How does audience segmentation improve content engagement?

Audience segmentation improves content engagement by allowing businesses to tailor their content strategies to the specific interests, behaviors, and needs of different groups. This targeted approach ensures that content is relevant and compelling to each segment, which can enhance user experience and drive more meaningful interactions.

How can a brand’s unique voice be conveyed through content?

A brand’s unique voice can be conveyed through the tone, style, and topics of its content. By consistently producing content that resonates with its core values and audience, a brand can distinguish itself from competitors and build a strong, recognisable voice in the digital marketplace.

What are Google’s criteria for quality content according to their E-A-T guidelines?

Google’s E-A-T guidelines outline that quality content should exhibit expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Content should be well-researched, factually accurate, and provide genuine value to the reader. Additionally, the content’s creator or brand should have recognized qualifications or proven experience in the topic area.

How does crafting compelling content contribute to higher search engine rankings?

Crafting compelling content contributes to higher search engine rankings by fulfilling user intent, providing relevant and insightful information, and encouraging engagement like sharing and linking. Such content is favoured by algorithms like Google’s, which aim to provide the best answers to users’ queries.

Looking ahead to 2024, how should businesses approach content marketing?

For 2024, businesses should approach content marketing with an emphasis on innovation, personalisation, and interactivity. They must also keep a close eye on evolving digital trends and consumer behaviours, adjusting strategies accordingly to ensure that their content remains current, valuable, and aligned with their audience’s expectations.

Hononga Puna

Pānuitia atu

He aha te Reo Tohu Kaupapa? To Aratohu mo te Raraunga Hangarau SEO

Kua whakaaro koe me pehea te puta mai o etahi hua rapu me nga korero whakatenatena, penei i nga whakatauranga me nga waahanga tere kei reira i runga i nga wharangi hua rapu miihini (SERPs)? Ko nga mea katoa e mohiotia ana ko tohu kaupapa SEO. Maama noa, he ahua te tohu aronuinga raraunga hanganga ka taapirihia e koe ki te HTML o to wharangi paetukutuku hei awhina i nga miihini rapu kia tino mohio ki nga korero. Ma tenei maaramatanga ka taea te hanga nga wahanga taonga, e taea ai to wharangi paetukutuku kia tu i waenga i era atu.

Ehara i te mea makutu, engari ka tino kitea to wharangi me te pai ki nga manuhiri. Ko nga whakahaere penei i Rotten Tomatoes me Te Whatunga Kai kua kite i te kaha o te whakauru o nga kaiwhakamahi ma te whakauru i tenei tohunga mohio ki muri i nga whakaaturanga ki o raatau paetukutuku. He aha atu, ka taea e koe te whakamahi i enei painga. Ma te piri ki nga aratohu e whakaratohia ana e Google Search Central me te whakamahi i nga taputapu penei i te Whakamatau Hua Rawa, ka taea e koe te whakarite ko to pae raraunga hanganga kua eke ki te pupuhi.

Ma te awhi i te mana o nga kupu tiritahi a schema.org, kei te hoatu e koe to ihirangi ki te tino marama me te horopaki, he mea nui te utu mo nga miihini rapu. Kua rite ki te ako ake me te whakanui i te SEO o to pae? Kia mau ki te panui kia tino mohio koe ki te ao hurihuri o te tohu aronuinga.

Nga Taketake matua

  • Ko te tohu tohu tohu ka awhina i nga miihini rapu ki te mohio ki o ihirangi, ka puta mai nga wahanga taonga.
  • Te whakatinana raraunga hanganga Ka taea e koe te piki ake i roto i te whakaurunga me te reiti panui.
  • Ko nga waahi rongonui kua kite i te piki haere o nga waka na raraunga hanganga.
  • Ka whakarato a Google Search Central i nga aratohu tino nui mo tohu kaupapa SEO whakatinanatanga.
  • He mea nui te taputapu Whakamatau Hua Rawa ki te manatoko i te tika o to raraunga hanganga.
  • Schema.org he tuku kupu mo te ao katoa e whakanui ana i te maaramatanga o nga korero puta noa i nga momo miihini rapu.

Te Maramatanga ki nga Kaupapa o te Tohu Tohunga

Ko te wetewete i nga paparanga hianga o te tohu aronuinga he rite ki te haere i roto i te DNA o to paetukutuku. Ko te maarama ki tana whaipainga me tana tono he mea nui mo nga maestro mamati e whai ana ki te whakanui i to raatau paetukutuku me te tirohanga miihini rapu. Me tirotirohia nga huānga nui me te whanaketanga o te tohu aronuinga kei roto te raraunga hanganga SEO rauwiringa kaiao.

Te tautuhi i te tohu tohu me tana mahi i roto i te SEO

He aha te tohu aronuinga, ka miharo pea koe. Ko te mea noa, ko te lingua franca mo nga miihini rapu, he waehere e whakamarama ana i nga ihirangi o o wharangi paetukutuku. Ma te awhi i tenei ahua o raraunga hanganga, ka taea e to pae te korero pai ake me nga miihini rapu penei i a Google, ka arahi ki te wheako kaiwhakamahi whakarangatira ma te whakaaturanga o nga wahanga taonga.

Momo tohu kaupapa ka puta mai i roto i nga momo momo rereke, kei ia tangata he kaupapa motuhake hei whakamarama i nga momo ihirangi. Whakaarohia te whakaatu ki a Google i nga kai tika me nga wa tunu mo o mahi tunu kai i runga i te wharangi tohutoro; koinei te taumata o te aronuinga taipitopito ka taea te whakauru. Te whakatinana tauira tohu kaupapa ka arotau i nga korero mo nga rarangi rapu, kia maamaa mo nga manuhiri e tirotiro ana i te paetukutuku.

Te Putanga o nga Raraunga Hanganga me nga Miihini Rapu

I te puāwaitanga o nga whenua matihiko, ko te whanaketanga o nga raraunga hangahanga e whakaata ana i te ao rapu anga whakamua kei reira nga wheako o nga kaiwhakamahi kei te waahi tuatahi. Ko nga kaitirotiro mohio o tenei ra e hiahia ana ki nga tirohanga tere, tika, me nga miihini rapu e whakamahi tonu ana i o raatau algorithm ki te whakamaarama i tenei hiakai - nga raraunga hangahanga e uru ana ki tenei kaupapa.

Ko te Synergy i waenganui i Schema.org me nga Miihini Rapu Nui

Ka rite ki a Google, Bing, Yandex, me Yahoo! hono atu, he mea whakamiharo te putanga. Te hanga o Schema.org he tohu mo ta ratou mahi tahi, he tuku kupu korero tahi, e whakarite ana i te riterite o nga raraunga hanganga puta noa i te ao matihiko. Ko tenei mahi tahi ka whakanui ake i te tupono o to ihirangi ki te kohi hua rapu huanga, ka mutu ko te piki haere o te hokohoko pararopi ki to papaanga.

Ma te whakamahi i nga mohiotanga mo te whakakotahitanga o nga raraunga hanganga me nga miihini rapu, ehara i te mea kei te whakakii noa koe i to paetukutuku mo naianei engari kei te whakaatu ano hoki mo nga ahunga whakamua o te huarahi. Inaianei kua reri koe ki te tuhi i te paerangi o raraunga hanganga SEO, me te hau o te tohu aronuinga e whakatakoto ana i o waa ki runga ake i te kitenga ipurangi.

Nga Painga o te Whakatinana i te Tohu Kaupapa ki to Paetukutuku

Te hura i nga painga maha o whakatinanatanga tohu kaupapa Ka taea e koe te whakarereke i te huarahi e korero ai to paetukutuku me nga miihini rapu. Whakaarohia te mahi o tera nga wahanga taonga me nga hua rapu taipitopito ka taea te whakanui ake i to aroaro mamati.

Te Whakapai ake i nga Mahinga Taonga mo te Pai ake o te Tirohanga

Me whakatinanatanga tohu kaupapa, ka taea e koe te whakanui ake i te whakaaturanga o to pae i roto i nga wharangi hua rapu engine (SERPs), me te whakanui ake i te tirohanga. Ma te whakamana nga wahanga taonga, ka mihia nga kaiwhakamahi ki te nui noa atu i nga tuhinga noa o nga hua rapu; ka kite ratou i tetahi whakaaturanga marama e kapi ana i nga korero e tika ana. Whakaarohia me pehea e taea ai e nga reiti me nga arotake te whakapaipai i o rarangi ingoa, me pehea ranei nga korero mo nga huihuinga e whakaatu marama ana i nga korero mo o tuku.

Ko enei tirohanga taipitopito ehara i te whakaatu noa; ka whakapai ake ratou i te wheako rapu a te kaiwhakamahi, ka nui ake te mohio me te whakamaarama. Mena ka whakaatuhia nga hononga e rua, a kua whakarangatira tetahi i nga raraunga e whakaatu ana i te whakatauranga rima-whetu engari karekau tetahi, ka ngawari ake te whiriwhiri ma nga kaiwhakamahi. Na, ko tetahi o nga mea tuatahi painga tohu kaupapa Ko te mea ka taea e ia te arahi ki te reiti paataki pai ake, me te whakanui i te hinengaro e pai ana ki nga whiringa korero me te tirohanga.

Whakanuia nga Reiti Paa-Maa me te Whakaaetanga Kaiwhakamahi

Ko te whakauru te moni o te waahi mamati, a nga wahanga taonga whai i te rekoata whai mana i roto i te whakanui i te reira. Hei tauira, ko nga wharangi mai i te ahua o Rakuten e whakamahi ana i nga raraunga hanganga kua kite i te pikinga nui o nga reiti taunekeneke, kua whakatauhia te kaupapa tohu tohu seo toa. I te ekenga o Nestlé me te whakatinana i te aronuinga, i kite i te pikinga 82% i te reeti paato mo nga wharangi hua whai rawa. Ko te tino korero i konei ko te whakatinana i nga raraunga hanga-a-whanau ehara i te mea ka kohia te aro engari ka puta nga taunekeneke, he ine matua mo te angitu o tetahi paetukutuku.

Painga Whakataetae i roto i nga SERPs

Whakaarohia e tu ana koe i roto i te moana o nga hua rapu - he pono tenei ki a koe tohu kaupapa. Ahakoa ona painga nui, karekau e whakamahia te tohu kaupapa e nga paetukutuku katoa, na reira ka whai waahi rautaki ki te hunga e mahi ana. He waahi koura tenei ki te wehewehe i o ihirangi me te piki ake i nga rarangi rapu, na te mea ka pai a Google me etahi atu miihini ki nga wharangi e korero tika ana ma nga raraunga hanganga. Ko tenei ka puta he huringa pai; Ko te pai ake o te tirohanga ka nui ake te hokohoko me te maha atu o nga huringa, ka whakakaha ake i te korero ko te tohu kaupapa te mea nui mo te ahua o te paetukutuku.

Ae, ko te whakaurunga o te tohu tohu i runga i to paetukutuku he kaupapa rautaki, hei whakakaha i to toronga mamati me te whakarite kia noho koe ki mua i te whakataetae.

Te torotoro i nga momo momo tohu tohu me nga tauira

Te maarama ki te maha o nga momo momo tohu kaupapa he mea nui ki te whakarei ake i te noho o to paetukutuku ki nga hua rapu miihini ma te whakamahi i raraunga hanganga. Ka whakatutukihia e ia momo nga momo ihirangi i runga i te paetukutuku, te hanga nga wahanga taonga e whakaatu ana i to urunga ki nga hua rapu. Anei etahi o nga whakatinanatanga nui e tautokohia ana e Google ka whakaarohia e koe mo to pae.

  • Tautohu Hua - He tino pai mo nga papaaho e-tauhokohoko, ka whakaatuhia e tenei tohu nga taipitopito hua matua penei i nga whakaahua, utu, me nga taumata kararehe.
  • Tohu Arotake - Ka taapirihia nga tohu whetu ki nga ratonga me nga hua, hei whakakaha i o raatau pono ki waenga i nga kaihoko pea.
  • Tuhinga Tohu – Ka whakaatu tenei i nga korero tino nui penei i te kaituhi, te ra whakaputanga, te hanga i tetahi urunga korero mo nga hua rapu.

Kia rukuhia etahi tauira tohu kaupapa ki te wehewehe me pehea te whakamahi i nga raraunga hanganga hei whakanui ake i te tirohanga o to paetukutuku me te maaramatanga o te kaiwhakamahi.

Momo Tohutohu Nga Taipitopito Whakaatu Nga painga
Tautohu Hua Atahanga, Utu, Wātea Ko nga korero hua tika ka arahi ki nga whakatau hoko mohio me te whakapai ake i nga reeti paatoo.
Tohu Arotake Whakatauranga Whetu, Kaiarotake, Te Ra Ka taea e nga tohu whetu te whakanui ake i te pono me te whakaawe i te maia o te kaihoko.
Tuhinga Tohu Kaituhi, Te Ra Whakaputa, Panui Ka taea e nga kaipānui te tautuhi tere i nga ihirangi whai mana me te wa tika.

Ma te whakauru i enei momo tohu kaupapa ki roto i te waehere o to paetukutuku, ka para koe i te huarahi mo te whakanikoniko i nga mahanga taonga i roto i nga wharangi hua rapu miihini. Ehara i te mea ngawari noa to korero mo nga miihini rapu ki te whakamaori, engari he ataahua ake, he korero mo nga kaiwhakamahi e whakatere ana i a raatau uiui rapu. Ko te whiriwhiri i nga momo aronuinga tika me te whakatinana tika ka taea te whakanui ake i to tirohanga ipurangi me te whakaurunga o nga kaiwhakamahi.

Me pehea te Whakatinana Tohu Tohunga mo te Whakanuia Nga Hua SEO

Ka eke ki runga whakatinanatanga tohu kaupapa Ka taea te tino arotau i to ihirangi mo nga miihini rapu, te whakatairanga i te tirohanga me te taunekeneke. Ma tenei aratohu e arahi i a koe ki te whiriwhiri i te whakatakotoranga tika me te whakamahi i nga taputapu matua kia pai ai te whakauru i nga raraunga hanganga.

Te whiriwhiri i te Hōputu Tika: JSON-LD, Microdata, RDFa

JSON-LD Ko te whakatakotoranga e taunakitia ana hei whiriwhiri ina tae mai ki whakatinanatanga tohu kaupapa. Ko tana whirihoranga tika, tuhi-tuhi, he mea tino pai ki waenga i nga rangatira tukutuku me nga tohunga ngaio SEO. Heoi, Microdata a RDFa he momo rereke, ina koa ka hiahia koe ki te tohu tohu raina. Ko te ripanga i raro nei he rerekee enei whakatakotoranga hei arahi i to whiringa:

Whakahōputu Te Whakamahinga ngawari Painga SEO Te Whakakotahitanga Te ngawari
JSON-LD Teitei – I runga i te tūtohu Hōtuhi Teitei – te whakatakotoranga a Google Teitei - Ka taea te whakanoho ki te upoko, ki te tinana ranei o HTML
Microdata Waenga – Rarangi tuhipoka Waenga - Tautokohia e te nuinga o nga miihini rapu Waenga - Kua whakauruhia ki roto i te ihirangi HTML
RDFa Waenga - Nga korero tuhi-roto me te kaha hono-raraunga Waenga - Taonga me nga kaha hono Waenga - Me whakauru ki nga tohu HTML

Nga Utauta me nga Rauemi mo te Whakatinana Whaitika

a Google Kaiawhina Tohu Raraunga Hanganga he taputapu tino nui, hei awhina i te whakatipuranga o tohu kaupapa SEO waehere. Ka taea e koe te toro atu ki nga rauemi kore utu e waatea ana i runga ipurangi, tae atu ki nga tuhinga kei runga schema.org, ki te hanga ā-ringa i ō raraunga hanganga. Anei he tirohanga ma te whakamahi i te rarangi raupapa:

  1. Tirohia te Kaiawhina Tohu Raraunga Hangaia.
  2. Tīpakohia te momo raraunga—tuhinga, takahanga, hua, aha atu.
  3. Whakapirihia te URL o te wharangi, tuhinga ranei e hiahia ana koe ki te tohu.
  4. Whakamahia te taputapu ki te tohu i nga huānga o to wharangi.
  5. Hangaia te JSON-LD, Microdata ranei ka whakauru ki to paetukutuku.

Nga Utauta Whakamatau Raraunga Hanganga a Google me o raatau taputapu

Ko te Whakamātautau Hua Rawa Ko te taputapu ko to haerenga ki muri i te whakatinanatanga. Ka whakamanahia mena ka tika te hanganga o to tohu aronuinga me te arokite me pehea e puta ai o snippets taonga i roto i nga SERPs. Ko nga whakamatautau ka tino mohio me te whakamaaramatanga e nga miihini rapu, hei whakakaha i a koe tohu kaupapa SEO rautaki.

Ina tukuna e koe te whakatakotoranga i whiriwhiria e koe me te whakamatau i to whakatinanatanga, me whai i nga paanga o to reanga miihini rapu me te reiti whakaurunga kaiwhakamahi. Kia maumahara, ahakoa karekau nga raraunga hangai e whakapumau i te ahua o te mahanga, ko te whakatinanatanga tohu aronuinga tika he mea nui kia pai ai to korero hei kaitono mo enei hua rapunga.

Whakakotahitia tenei haerenga tohu aronuinga ki te whakarei ake i te wheako o te kaiwhakamahi me te maataki i te kaha o to ihirangi ka whakaatuhia i te wa e tipu haere ana nga waahanga whai kiko i roto i nga SERPs.

Te whakanui i te SEO me te Tohu Tohu


I roto i te reapitulation, ka tu te tohu schema hei taputapu SEO whakamataku me te kaha ki te whakanui ake i te aroaro o to paetukutuku ki nga hua rapu engine. Na roto i te whakamohio he aha te tohu aronuinga me ona tono maha, ka kitea ko nga raraunga hanganga ehara i te mea he whakarei noa ake—he turanga mo te mahi a nga miihini rapu ki to paetukutuku. Ahakoa kei te whakairi koe i tetahi tohutao, i te panui ranei i tetahi huihuinga o te rohe, te tika momo tohu kaupapa Ka taea e koe te huri i to ihirangi ki te hopu i nga hua rapu e hopu ana i nga manuhiri.

He maha nga hua o te tohu kaupapa, e whai waahi ana ki te maarama me te whakarangatira i te whenua tukutuku. Ma te whakamahi tika i aua raraunga hangahanga ka nui ake te pai ake o nga reeti paato me te urunga o nga kaiwhakamahi—he whainga tino hiahia ki te whai tonu i te whainga ipurangi. Heoi, ahakoa enei painga, ko te whakamahinga o te tohu tohu he matara noa atu i te ao, e whakaatu ana i te whai waahi ki te whai waahi whakataetae.

Hei whakaatu i te taumata tino pai o te tirohanga miihini rapu me te taunekeneke a te kaiwhakamahi, he mea nui kia ata mahi te tohu kaupapa, ma te whakamahi i nga taputapu whakamana a Google. Mena kei te pirangi koe ki te whakamahine i to tuunga paetukutuku me te rapu tohutohu atu, he patai ranei mo nga raraunga hanganga, tena koa waea mai ma to maatau taipitopito whakapā. Ma te awhi i te tohu aronuinga, kaore koe e arotau noa i to ihirangi; kei te hanga piriti koe ki te whakarite kia tutuki o tuku ki nga kanohi o te hunga e rapu ana.

Ngā Pātai Auau

He aha te tohu tohu tohu me pehea te awe i te SEO?

Ko te tohu tohu he ahua o nga raraunga hanganga ka taea e koe te taapiri atu ki te HTML o to paetukutuku hei awhina i nga miihini rapu kia pai ake te mohio ki o ihirangi. Ma tenei mohiotanga ka taea e nga miihini rapu te hanga i nga waahanga whai kiko, he mea whakarei ake i nga ahuatanga o nga hua rapu. Ma te whakarato i te horopaki ki o ihirangi, ka poipoihia e te tohu kaupapa te SEO na te mea ka taea te whakanui ake i te tirohanga me te whai kiko ki nga uiui rapu.

He pehea te tipu o nga raraunga hanganga i te taha o nga miihini rapu?

Ko nga raraunga hangahanga kua tipu ake kia maamaa ake i roto i te waa, me nga miihini rapu nui penei i a Google, Bing, Yahoo!, me Yandex e mahi tahi ana ma Schema.org ki te hanga kupu tiritahi. Ma tenei ka whakarite kia rite tonu te maaramatanga me te whakaatu o nga ihirangi puta noa i nga papa rapu, ma te mea, ka whakarei ake i te wheako rapu a te kaiwhakamahi.

He aha te hononga i waenga i te Schema.org me nga miihini rapu rangatira?

Ko te Schema.org he mahi mahi tahi i timatahia e nga miihini rapu nui hei hanga i tetahi huinga aronuinga noa mo nga raraunga hanganga. Ma te whakamahi i enei kupu tiritahi, ka taea e nga rangatira tukutuku te mohio me te whakaatu tika i o raatau ihirangi e Google, Bing, Yahoo!, me Yandex, e hua ana ki nga hua rapu whai hua me te pai ake.

Ka taea e te whakatinana tohu tohu i runga i taku paetukutuku te whakapai ake i tona kitenga?

Ae, ko te taapiri i te tohu aronuinga ki to paetukutuku ka taea te whakanui ake i te ahua o to wharangi e whakaatuhia ana i roto i nga hua rapu na roto i nga waahanga whai kiko. Ka taea e tenei tirohanga pai ake te hopu i te aro o nga kaiwhakamahi me te kaha ake pea ki te pikinga o nga reeti paato.

He pehea te whai huatanga o te tohu aronuinga ki te whakapai ake i nga reeti paato me te whakaurunga a nga kaiwhakamahi?

Ma te whakamahi i te tohu aronuinga ki te hanga i nga mokamoka whai kiko, ka taea e o hua rapu te whakauru etahi atu huānga whakahihiri penei i nga reiti, arotake, taipitopito kaupapa ranei. Ma enei huānga e pai ake ai o rarangi ingoa, e whakarato ana i nga korero ki nga kaiwhakamahi e pai ake ai te panui ki to papaanga, na reira ka pai ake te urunga o nga kaiwhakamahi.

He aha te huarahi e whakawhiwhia ai e te tohu kaupapa he painga whakataetae i roto i nga SERPs?

Ka taea e te tohu tohu te kaha te rerekee i nga hua rapu na te mea kaore nga paetukutuku katoa i whakatinana. Ma te tango i nga raraunga hanganga, ka taea e koe te tu ake me nga hua rapu whai korero me te ataahua, ka nui ake te tupono o nga kaiwhakamahi ki te kowhiri i to waahi ki runga ake i etahi atu.

He aha nga momo tohu aronuinga ka taea te whakamahi ki runga paetukutuku?

He momo rereke momo tohu kaupapa ka taea te whakatinana i runga i te ahua o to ihirangi, kei roto i enei, engari kaore i te iti ki te, Tohunga Hua, Tohu Arotake, Tohu Tohu, Tohu Akoranga, Tohu Whakahaere, me te Tohu Pakihi a-rohe. Ka taea e ia momo nga whakatakotoranga whai rawa motuhake i roto i nga hua rapu kua whakangao ki nga ihirangi e whakaahuahia ana e ratou.

Me pehea taku whiriwhiri i te whakatakotoranga tohu aronuinga tika mo aku ihirangi?

Ko te kowhiringa o te whakatakotoranga mo te tohu aronuinga—JSON-LD, Microdata, RDFa ranei—e whakawhirinaki ana ki to tohungatanga hangarau me o hiahia. Engari, ka tūtohu a Google ki a JSON-LD mo tana ngawari ki te whakatinana me te tiaki.

He aha nga taputapu hei awhina i ahau ki te whakatinana me te whakamana i te tohu aronuinga?

Ka whakarato a Google i nga taputapu penei i te Structured Data Markup Helper ki te whakaputa i te waehere e tika ana me te Whakamatau Hua Taonga hei whakamana me te arokite i to tohu i mua i te whakaputanga. Ko enei taputapu e whakamaarama ana i te tukanga, me te whakarite kia tika te whakatinanatanga o o raraunga hanganga.

He kupu taurangi ma te whakamahi tohu aronuinga ka whakaatu i aku ihirangi hei hua whai rawa?

Ahakoa te whakatinana i te tohu aronuinga ka tino whakanui ake te kaha o to ihirangi kia puta he hua whai rawa, karekau he taurangi tuturu. Ko te whakatau whakamutunga mena ka puta nga mahanga taonga ki nga hua rapu ka noho ki nga miihini rapu, engari ma te whakauru tika i nga raraunga ka tino whakanui ake to tupono.

Hononga Puna

Pānuitia atu

15 Tohutohu ki te whiriwhiri i te Ingoa Rohe Tino Pai i te tau 2024

Ko te mahi tuatahi i te wa e timata ana i to haerenga mamati i te tau 2024 ko te kowhiri i tetahi mea e tika ana ingoa rohe. Koia te kokonga o to aroaro ipurangi, te hononga maumahara i waenga i o tuku me te hunga whakarongo o te ao. Te kimi i te mea tika i te moana o rehitatanga rohe a ko nga whiringa manaaki ka rite ki te ingoa o to hinonga ake. I a koe e whakatika ana ki te hoko rohe, waiho enei tirohanga hei kaiarahi mo koe, hei arahi i a koe i roto i nga arowhai rohe, tirotiro toronga rohe, me te whakarite i te waatea o te rohe, katoa ki te whakahāngai i to tuakiri mamati me to tirohanga.

Ahakoa kua timata koe i to rapu rohe kua reri ranei mo a whakawhiti rohe, Ma te mohio ki nga ahuatanga o nga ingoa rohe ka taea te wehewehe i to tohu mai i era atu. Whakamahia he kanohi hikaka mo te kairēhita rohe e whakatutuki ana i o hiahia me te noho au pono ki nga ahuatanga ka karaehe te whenua rohe i te tau 2024 me tua atu. Kia maumahara ki enei rautaki ki te whakatere i te rauwiringa kaiao o te rohe, me te whakakoi i to tapuwae ipurangi me te ingoa e mau ana i to whakaaro me to wawata.

Nga Taketake matua

  • Whakairohia te tuakiri matihiko o to waitohu me te whakaaro nui ingoa rohe whiriwhiringa.
  • Whakamaramahia te rehitatanga rohe tukanga ma te whakamahi i tetahi ingoa rongonui kaitaki rohe.
  • Arotauhia to rapu rohe ki te whakauru kanorau toronga rohe e pa ana ki te reo o to waitohu.
  • Tiaki moata to rohe pai ki te whakarite i te waatea me te para i te huarahi mo to angitu ipurangi.
  • Whakaarohia manaaki rohe nga whiringa e whakahaere ana i te wheako maeneene mo te toro atu ki nga kaihoko.
  • Whakamahere i mua mo whakawhiti rohe Me noho kakama me te urutau to aroaro ipurangi.

Te Maramatanga ki te Hiranga o te Ingoa Rohe

I te wa e whakatuu ana to waitohu aroaro ipurangi, te hiranga o te whiriwhiri i tetahi mea e tika ana ingoa rohe e kore e taea te whakahua. Koia te kokonga o to tuakiri i roto i te ao matihiko, ko te nuinga o nga wa ko te waahi tuatahi i waenga i to waitohu me nga kaihoko pea.

To kaihautu rohe he rite tonu te mahi a te rangatira whenua mariko, e whakarato ana i te waahi mo to paetukutuku ecommerce a toa ipurangi pakihi. Otirā, ko te ingoa rohe he nui noa atu i te huarahi ki te uru atu ki to paetukutuku. Kei roto i te ahua o to waitohu me te tohu i te tirohanga a nga kaihoko ki to toa toa mamati. Ko te hanga i te ahua pono me te whakatuu i to waitohu hei hinonga pono ki te tirohanga a nga kaihoko.

Ma te kowhiri i te rohe .com ka whai hua te mohiotanga me te whakawhirinaki na te mea kua roa kee. Heoi, mena he kohanga motuhake to waitohu, he waahi ranei, ka pai ake te pai o te toronga rereke ki a koe. He mea nui kia mohio ko tehea toronga rohe he pai rawa atu ki te whakarei ake i to paetukutuku ecommerce, toa ipurangi pakihi ranei. Ko te kowhiri i nga TLD waehere whenua (ccTLDs) ka awhina i te whai waahi motuhake, engari ka pai ake te hono atu o etahi atu TLD ki to tirohanga whanui.

"Ko to ingoa rohe he karere wahangu mo to waitohu, te whakawhānui atu i to toronga me te korero ki te mana me te ngaiotanga o to waitohu."

  1. Whakaarohia te tirohanga mo te wa roa me te tipu o to waitohu i te wa e whiriwhiri ana i te ingoa rohe.
  2. Tirohia te waatea o te rohe ki te taha o nga whakamahinga o mua hei tiaki i nga take whai ingoa.
  3. Whakaritehia to toronga rohe ki o wawata waitohu, ahakoa he waahi whanui o te ao, he huarahi rohe ranei e whaaia ana.

Ko te ingoa rohe pai e pa ana ki nga kaihoko ka taea, e poipoi ana i te hononga me te mohio. Ehara tenei i te mea iti; ko to whiringa ka uru ki te hiranga o to waitohu me nga wawata a meake nei. No reira, me tirotirohia he tātaritanga whakatairite o nga toronga rohe rongonui hei whakamarama i o raatau painga:

Toronga Whakamahi-take Te Whakapono
.com Te ao mo nga umanga me nga hinonga arumoni Teitei
.kupenga Nga pae hangahanga hangarau, ipurangi ranei Waenga
.org Nga whakahaere kore-painga me nga whakahaere atawhai Waenga-Teitei
.toa Nga toa me nga toa ipurangi Waenga
.nz Nga kamupene me nga pakihi motuhake o Aotearoa Teitei, i roto o Aotearoa

I a koe e whakatere ana i nga whiringa, maharahia te tirohanga mo te wa roa. Ko te whai rohe ka taea te tipu me to pakihi, me te kore e whakawhäiti i te whakawhänui me te rereke o nga ratonga, he mea matua ki te angitu pono i runga ipurangi. No reira whiriwhiri marie, na te mea ko to ingoa rohe he nui noa atu i te wahitau paetukutuku—he waahi tuuturu kei roto i te huinga whetu o te tuakiri o to waitohu.

Te Hanga Rohe Waitohu me te Maumahara

I roto i te ao o hokohoko ipurangi, te hiranga o a rohe waitohu e kore e taea te whakanui. He mea nui ki to tuakiri i roto i te waahi matihiko, hanga he ingoa rohe fakangalongata'a he kaitakaro matua ki te whakatakoto a whakaaro tuatahi pai. Anei me pehea te whakarite i to rohe ehara i te mea ngawari noa ki te pūkoro engari e hono ana ki nga rautaki hokohoko-waha whai hua hei arotau. tono waitohu.

Poto me te reka

Ina tae mai ki a ingoa rohe hopu, te poto ko te wairua o te mohio. Me whai ki tetahi rohe kei raro iho i te 15 nga tohu hei whakapumau he ngawari ki te mahara me te whakaiti i te tupono o nga hapa takikupu. Kare atu i te kupu piua, ka whiriwhiri i nga kupu maamaa me te maarama ki te ao. Ka mutu, ko te rohe poto ko tetahi e whai paanga pumau ana.

Kia ahurei, karohia nga nama me nga tohuhono

Ko te ahurei i roto i te rohe ka hoatu ki to waitohu tona mata motuhake. Heoi, kia mahara ko nga nama me nga tohuhono ka taea e koe te hinga ma te taapiri i nga uauatanga kore, ina koa i roto i te ao pūkoro-tuatahi. Kia mau tonu te huarahi whai kiko me te ngawari ki te whakarite kia pai te whakahaere o to paapori paapori me to rohe, e akiaki ana i te mohiotanga puta noa i nga momo papaaho ipurangi.

Te Mana o te whakahua

Ko te ngawari ki te korero i to rohe ka tino whakanui ake i to hokohoko waha whai hua. Tīpakohia he ingoa e rere noa ana, e akiaki ana i te whakatairanga kupu-a-waha—he tikanga hokohoko no mua tonu atu ka mau tonu te hua. Ko nga ingoa me te manawataki pai ka kaha ake, ka whakanui ake i te korero o to waitohu me te whai waahi ki te whanui ake. hokohoko ipurangi angitu.

Tohutohu Rohe Waitohu me te Maumahara

Hei whakatau, te auaha a rohe waitohu e kore e maumahara anake engari e tautoko ana i te whānuitanga whanui o hokohoko ipurangi he mea nui nga tikanga. Ka timata ki te a whakaaro tuatahi pai, he ingoa e mau ana, he rohe e whakakii ana i te hiranga o to waitohu. I roto i te wa mamati, ko to rohe te kokonga o te tuakiri ipurangi o to waitohu—kia tatau.

Te Mahi o nga Toronga Rohe i roto i To Tuakiri Tuihono

I te wa e hanga ana i to tangata mamati, ko te kowhiringa o a rohe taumata-runga (TLD) a waehere whenua rohe taumata-runga (ccTLD) ehara i te mea he whakatau hangarau anake—he whiringa hokohoko rautaki e tohu ana ki to hunga whakarongo te ahua me te waahi o to waitohu. Ko te tikanga .com tu rite te ao toronga rohe whakawhirinaki, te whakanui ake i te mohiotanga me te whakawhirinaki ki nga kaihoko. Heoi, i roto i te waahi whakataetae o te waitohu ipurangi, ka taea e to whiringa mo te toronga rohe he mea motuhake me te tautuhi i te waahi ka whiriwhiria e koe mo te pakihi pereki-ma-motar.

Mēnā karekau e kitea he rohe .com, whakawhānuihia ō tirohanga. Ko te toro atu ki etahi atu TLD ka whai waahi ohorere ki te hono atu ki to hunga whakarongo. Hei tauira, ka kitea e te kore-painga he pai ake .org, i te mea ka taea e te toa ipurangi te hiranga .toa. Ka tuhura tatou i etahi o nga TLD tino noa me o raatau tohu i roto i te whenua mamati:

Toronga Te kaupapa Te Manaakitanga Whakaaro
.com Tauhokohoko Ao, Generic
.org Whakahaerenga Nonprofits, Hapori
.kupenga Whatunga Hangarau, Ratonga Ipurangi
.toa Tauhokohoko Nga Kaihokohoko Ipurangi
.info Nga korero Maatauranga, I runga Rauemi

Nga toronga motuhake mo te whenua ranei ccTLDs whakawhāitihia tō wāhi arotahi, whakarato i tētahi huānga o roherohenga he mea tino nui tera mo te whaainga rohe me te SEO. Ko te whakaatu i te .co.uk, .de ranei ka kaha ake to tuunga i runga i nga miihini rapu a rohe, ka whai waahi koe ki nga mahi hokohoko geotargeted. Whakaarohia tenei tuunga rautaki i te wa e whai ana koe ki te whakauru ki roto i tetahi waahi, ma te whakamahi i to rohe hei tohu mo te tuakiri me to rohe.

Ko to toronga rohe he nui ake i te kumara noa; he kaha te whakawhitiwhiti korero. Tīpakohia he TLD ranei ccTLD ehara i te mea e hono ana ki to umanga engari e pa ana ano ki to hunga whakarongo, penei me te arotau ki etahi atu waahanga o to tohu. Kia mahara, me te toronga rohe tika, ka taea e to waitohu te tohu i te whakawhirinaki, te whaitake, me te hononga, nga kohatu matua mo te angitu me te pumau i te ipurangi.

Te whakauru i nga rautaki SEO ki to Rapu Rohe

Ko te eke ki runga i te whenua matihiko me mohio koe ki te toi o te tuunga i to waitohu ki te whanuitanga o Nga hua rapu a Google. Ko tetahi mea nui i roto i tenei mahi ko te kowhiri i tetahi ingoa rohe ahurei ehara i te mea ka whakakao noa i te tuakiri o to waitohu engari e hono ana ki arotautanga pūkaha rapu nga mahi. Ko te wero ki te whaowhia waka whai take-te taraiwa kupu matua i te wa e maumahara ana te ingoa rohe me te whakaata i te ahua o to pakihi.

Nga Rautaki SEO mo te Rapu Rohe

Whakauru Kupumatua

Na roto i te raranga i nga kupumatua tino mahi ki roto i to rohe, ka hoatu he tohu marama ki nga miihini rapu e pa ana ki to paetukutuku, ka taea te whakapai ake te whakarangatiratanga o te miihini rapu. Ko nga taputapu penei i te SEMrush, Ahrefs ranei e tuku ana i te whakaawe ingoa rohe ma te tautuhi waka whai take-whakanuia nga kupumatua e rite ana ki to korero tohu.

Te Taurite i waenga i te Waitohu me te SEO

Ko te whai i tetahi rohe e haangai ana ki nga miihini rapu algorithms kaua e huna i te hiahia mo tetahi ingoa e whakaatu ana i te motuhake o to waitohu. Ko te tauritenga i waenga i te rohe kua arotauhia e te SEO me te ahua auaha e wehewehe ana i to waitohu me tino mau tonu, me te whakarite kia noho to rohe hei ramarama mo waka whai take.

Te whakamahi i nga Kaihanga Ingoa Rohe hei Whakanui SEO

I te ahua o te mahi auaha, ka kuhu mai nga kaihanga ingoa rohe hei whakakorikori mo te whakaputa whakaaro. Ko enei papaahi mohio e whakakotahi ana i to tirohanga ahurei kōwhiringa rohe auaha, e whakaputa ana i te tini o nga huarahi whakarangatira SEO. Nga ratonga penei i a Hostinger Kaitaki Rohe Ko Nameboy ranei ka toro atu i tua atu i nga whakaaro noa, ko te whakauru i nga kaihanga ingoa rohe ki roto i to rautaki ka taea te whakanui i te tirohanga o to tuunga ipurangi i roto Nga hua rapu a Google.

I a koe e whakatakoto ana i to akoranga i roto i te rohe o te kowhiringa rohe, maharahia ko te rohe angitu ka marena i nga hiahia o arotautanga pūkaha rapu me te whakaaturanga auaha o te tuakiri matua o to waitohu. Kia whai hua to rapunga, ka arahi koe ki tetahi ingoa rohe e tu ana i waenganui i te ao matihiko e toro haere tonu ana.

Te Whakapumau i te Wātea me te Tiaki i To Ingoa Rohe I whiriwhiria

Ka timata koe ki te whai ingoa rohe mo to tuunga ipurangi, ehara i te mea mo te hopu i taua wahitau paetukutuku tino tika; he mea hoki mo te tino tiaki i to tangata matihiko. Me whakarite e kore e waatea noa to ingoa rohe i whiriwhiria, engari ka tiakina ano i nga mahi whakatuma me nga aitua.

Parenga Tūmataitinga Rohe

Me timata ma te tirotiro i te ingoa rohe wātea me te ratonga rapu WHOIS pono, he mahi tuatahi nui hei whakapumau kua rite te rohe e hiahia ana koe mo te rehitatanga. Ina kua whakapumau koe kua maoa te rohe mo te tango, tahuri to whakaaro ki te whakatinana i te mea nui parenga tūmataiti rohe. He mea nui tenei arai ki te pupuri i to ingoamuna, te pupuri i o korero whaiaro kia kore e taea e te iwi whanui me te whakarite kia kore o korero mootaki e noho hei kai mo nga kaipatu.

Ko te whiriwhiri i te hoa pai mo tenei mahi he mea nui, no reira a kairēhita rohe rongonui kaua e warewarehia. Ko ratou to whakamarumaru o mua, e whakarato ana i nga kaupapa here mo te paunga me te whakahou, he mea nui ki te aukati i to rohe kia kore e paheke pohehe, ka uru atu ki nga kaiwhangai rohe, ki nga kaiwhakataetae ranei i muri i te paunga.

Āhuahira Nga painga To Mahere Mahi
WHOIS Rapu Whakaū rohe wātea. I mua i te hoko, kia kaua e tangohia te rohe.
Parenga Tūmataitinga Rohe Ka tiakina o korero whaiaro. Kōwhirihia he taapiri tūmataiti i te wa rehitatanga rohe.
Rongonui Rehita Rohe Nga kaupapa here paunga marama. Tīpakohia he kairēhita whai ingoa pakari me nga kupu marama.

Kia mahara tonu ko a rohe haumaru ka whai waahi nui ki te ahua o te waitohu haumaru, a ma te taapiri, ka whakakaha i te whakawhirinaki ka tuuhia e to hunga whakarongo ki to umanga. He wahanga taketake o to tikanga haumarutanga mamati, he mea nui ki te whakapakari i te ingoa o to umanga i roto i te mokowhiti ipurangi.

Rautaki i te wa e anga ana ki te kore e waatea te Ingoa Rohe

Ko te kitenga kaore i te waatea to ingoa rohe e pai ana, ehara i te mea ko te mutunga o te huarahi. Engari, he whai waahi ahurei ki te tuhura me te whakamahi i nga rautaki hou hei whakarite kia noho ahurei, kia whakahihiri hoki te noho a to waitohu.

Te torotoro i nga TLD rereke me nga SLD

Ina kitea e koe to hiahia rohe whakawhaiaro tangohia, whakaarohia te tini o nga momo whirinoa rohe ao kei a koe. Mai i te rehitatanga rohe auaha me nga TLD rereke ki te kowhiri a rohe whenua-motuhake e pa ana ki to tatauranga taupori, ko nga whai waahi ki te whakairo i tetahi waahi ipurangi mo to waitohu he mutunga kore.

Tātarihia te Whakamahinga o nāianei me te whakaaro ki te hoko

Whakamahia te WHOIS pātengi raraunga ki te kohikohi whakaaro mo te mana rohe. Ka taea e tenei te whakaatu i te tupono o te whiriwhiringa tuku rohe, ina koa mena kua moe te whakamahi a te rangatira o naianei ki te rohe. Ma te huarahi tika, ka taea te whakatutuki i tetahi rohe kore e waatea, me te whakarato wheako ipurangi waitohu mo to hunga whakarongo.

Te rereke me te Taketake hei Mahere B

Te awhi te whiriwhiringa whakaaro rerekee rohe Ka taea to mahere B. Ka timata ma ingoa rohe hou, Whakaarohia i waho o te pouaka me te hanga i nga rereketanga e whakaatu ana i te hiranga o to waitohu. Ahakoa kei te whakauru i to waitohu ki te taha o te tohu o mua o te toa, te tarai ranei ki nga ahuatanga o te rohe me te ccTLD, ko to taketake ka arahi ki tetahi rohe ka taea e koe te karanga i a koe ake.

Rautaki Rehita Rohe Hangarau

Kei raro nei he ripanga e whakaatu ana i etahi huarahi auaha ki te rehitatanga rohe i te wa e pa ana ki to whiringa tuatahi:

Rautaki Rohe Whakaahuatanga Tauira
TLD kē Te whakamahi i nga rohe taumata-runga rereke ki te rapu i tetahi whakataetae e waatea ana. YourBrand.tech
Nga Rohe Motu-a-Whenua Te whiriwhiri rohe e aro ana ki tetahi whenua motuhake mo te noho a rohe. YourBrand.co.uk
Kaporeihana Kupumatua Te whakauru i nga kupumatua SEO e tika ana ki te ingoa rohe. BestYourBrandStore.com
Rerekētanga Waitohu Te hanga i tetahi whakarereketanga iti ki to rohe taketake kia noho motuhake. YourBrandOnline.com

Awhihia te wero hei powhiri ki te mahi auaha me te tino mohio ma te kaha me te mahi auaha, ka taea e koe te pupuri i tetahi rohe e hono ana ki to waitohu.


To tohu tohu ipurangi kua tuituia ki te ingoa rohe ka tohua e koe, ka waiho hei kohatu kokonga mo te hanga whare angitu te aroaro ipurangi. Ehara i te mea he URL anake, engari ko te whakaaturanga matihiko o to tikanga, te waahi tuatahi o te whakapiri i runga ipurangi mo o kaihoko. Ma te whai i nga tohutohu ingoa rohe i tuhia i roto i tenei tuhinga, ka tuu koe i a koe ki te hanga ingoa e pa ana ki to waitohu me to hunga whakarongo.

He take nui te waatea, engari kaua e whakararu i nga arai tuatahi. Ko te whanuitanga o nga TLD e tuku ana i te pouaka kirikiri o te kaha, e kiki ana i nga rereketanga auaha me nga huarahi whiriwhiringa. I a koe e whakatere ana i enei wai, whakatairitehia te mana motuhake o to waitohu me nga rautaki SEO e tika ana hei whakarite kia tu to rohe ki te maakete kikii o te whenua mamati o enei ra.

Kia mahara, ko to rohe he mea taapiri noa ki to tuunga ipurangi—koinei te hononga nui ki te hanga hononga ki o kaihoko, te ramarama hei arahi ia ratou ki to kuaha mariko. Ko nga whakapaunga katoa e whakapau kaha ana koe ki te kowhiri i te rohe tino pai ka whai hua ki te whakatuu i te tapuwae ipurangi pakari. Mena ka hiahia awhina koe, kei te tata to matou roopu i Viewfule ki te arahi ia koe ki nga takutai o te angitu matihiko—whakapa mai ki a matou ma te īmēra homai ranei he a karanga mo nga tohutohu kua whakaritea.

Ngā Pātai Auau

Me pehea taku whiriwhiri i te ingoa rohe tino pai mo te noho ipurangi o taku waitohu?

Ko te whiriwhiri i te ingoa rohe tika me whakaatu i to waitohu, kia maumahara, kia poto, me te karo i nga mea uaua penei i nga tohuhono me nga nama. Ko te whai ki nga toronga rohe e kawe ana i te whakawhirinaki, a mena ka taea, whakauruhia nga kupumatua SEO e tika ana hei whakapai ake i te kitenga miihini rapu.

He aha te take he mea nui te whai rohe maumahara me te waitohu?

He maumahara me rohe waitohu ka whakakaha i o mahi hokohoko tuihono ma te ngawari ki te maumahara me te tiri, tera pea ka nui ake nga hokohoko pararopi. Ka hanga he whakaaro tuatahi pai me te whakakaha i to tono waitohu.

He aha te hiranga o te toronga rohe ki taku ingoa rohe?

Ka taea e nga toronga rohe, penei i nga TLD, i nga ccTLD ranei, te whakaawe i te tirohanga a te kaiwhakamahi, ka taea te whakarite mo te paanga o te rohe, mo nga momo pakihi motuhake ranei hei whakapakari i te pono me te whai take o te hunga whakarongo. He rite ratou ki te whiriwhiri i te takiwa tika mo to aroaro ipurangi.

He aha te painga o te whakauru i nga rautaki SEO ki taku rapunga rohe?

Ko te whakauru i nga rautaki SEO, penei i te whakauru kupu matua, ka taea te whakapai ake i te tirohanga o to pae ki roto te whakarangatiratanga o te miihini rapu, te tuhi i nga waka e tika ana. Heoi, taurite SEO ki te auaha ki te pupuri i te motuhake me te ingoa rohe ahurei.

Me pehea e taea ai e au te whakarite kei te waatea taku ingoa rohe kua tohua me te tiaki?

Tirohia te waatea o te rohe ma te whakamahi rapu rohe me nga taputapu WHOIS. Hei whakamarumaru i to rohe, rēhitatia ki tetahi ingoa rongonui kairēhita rohe e tuku ana parenga tūmataiti rohe me te mohio ki nga kaupapa here paunga kia kore ai e ngaro to rohe.

Me aha ahau mena kua tangohia te ingoa rohe e hiahia ana ahau?

Mena ka tangohia to ingoa rohe e hiahiatia ana, whakaarohia te tirotiro i nga TLD rereke, SLD ranei e hono tonu ana ki to waitohu. Ka taea hoki e koe te wetewete i te whakamahinga o te rohe o naianei, me te whakapā atu pea ki te rangatira mo te hoko, mo te whiriwhiringa whakaaro rerekee mo tetahi rohe taketake.

He rautaki auaha ka taea e au te whakamahi mena ka anga ahau ki te kore e waatea te ingoa rohe?

Ae, i te wa e pa ana ki te kore e waatea te ingoa rohe, ngana ki te whiriwhiri whakaaro i nga rereketanga hou, te torotoro i etahi atu TLD, i nga waahi whenua-motuhake ranei, me te rangahau ranei ki te tuku tuku i runga i te rohe o naianei. Ko te mahi auaha me te ngawari he mea matua ki te rapu i tetahi rohe motuhake me te whai take.

Hononga Puna

Pānuitia atu

Me pehea te whakamahi i te Kotaha Pakihi a Google ki te 10x Whakanuia te SEO Rohe

Kua rongo pea koe i nga korero mo te SEO o te rohe me tona kaha ki te whakanui i te tirohanga a te pakihi ki runga ipurangi. Heoi, kaore pea koe i hurahia te tino kaha ki te arotau i to Kotaha Pakihi Google (GBP) hei whakanui ake i tenei paanga. Ko te GBP kua pai ake te mahi hei ramarama hei arahi i nga kaihoko o te rohe ki to kuaha matihiko, a he mea tino nui tenei ki te whakarite kia kapohia e to umanga te aro e tika ana. I tenei wa o te whakawhitiwhiti matihiko tere, ako me pehea te whakamahi i te Profile Pakihi a Google Ka taea e koe te whakapai ake i to rarangi paetukutuku me te whakanui ake te tirohanga o te rohe.

Me haere tatou ki te arotau i to Kotaha Pakihi a Google, me te whakatuwhera i nga mea ngaro kia ora ai i roto i te whenua whakataetae me te hopu i te maakete o te rohe penei i mua. Ma te whakamahi i nga ahuatanga katoa e tukuna ana e te GBP, mai i nga whakaurunga i roto i nga waahi katoa ka taea ki nga taputapu whakauru kaha, ka piki ake to aroaro kia tekau nga wa. Kua rite ki te whakarereke i te ahua o to pakihi i roto i tana waahi rohe? Kia whakanuia e tatou te SEO rohe me te whakatairanga i to pakihi ki nga taumata hou.

Nga Taketake matua

  • Whakanuia to Kotaha Pakihi a Google ki whakanui SEO rohe a ka noho hei kaihautu o mua o te rohe.
  • Whakahouhia to korero i nga wa katoa hei whakaata i nga mahi hurihuri tonu me te pupuri i to tirohanga a rohe i tona tihi.
  • Whakamahia nga kupu matua rautaki me te tohu tohu whenua hei whakarite i to aroaro ki to rohe.
  • Me kaha ki te whakauru atu ki nga kaihoko ma te whakamahi i nga Panui a GBP ki te tiri i nga tuku hou me nga purongo, te whakanui ake i te hiahia me nga taunekeneke.
  • Ko te kohikohi me te whakaatu i nga arotake a nga kaihoko i runga i te GBP ka taea te whakanui ake i te pono me te rangatira o to paetukutuku.

Te Wewete i te Pumanawa o taku Pakihi a Google mo te SEO rohe

Hei kaipakihi mohio, he kaihokohoko ranei, e whakamahi ana i te mana o SEO mo nga pakihi o te rohe kua kore ake he mea papai – he mahanga nui. Me te rangatira o Google Taku Pakihi (GMB) i roto i te ao o te SEO rohe, he mea nui ki te whakatika i to korero mo te tirohanga tino pai. Ma te mahi matawhānui rangahau kupu matua rohe me te whakahou auau i o whakaurunga, ka taea e koe whakapai ake i to rangatira paetukutuku.

Ko te ruku ki roto i te hihiri o te GMB e whakaatu ana i tetahi papaaahu maha kua maoa mo te whakamahi. Ko te taahiraa tuatahi i roto i to haerenga ko te arotau i to Google Taku Pakihi whakarārangi. Ehara tenei i te mea mo te whakapumau i te oranga o to pakihi; e pa ana ki te whakaatu i tetahi korero oraora, whai kiko e pai ai o tuku ki nga kaihoko o te rohe.

  • Whakaahuatanga Tohunga: Ko te whakaahuatanga pakihi tika me te whakahihiri e whakakorikori ana i nga mahi a nga kaihoko. I konei, ehara koe i te korero noa i nga mea e tukuna ana; kei te mahi maminga koe ki nga kupu, ma te whakatakoto i nga kongakonga parāoa o nga kupu matua o te rohe ka hoki ano ki to kaainga mamati.
  • Māramatanga Kāwai: Ko te whakarōpūtanga tino pai o to pakihi ehara i te mea noa. Ko te kowhiri i te waahanga e tika ana ehara i te mahi tapanga noa—he ramarama tera e arahi ana i nga hokohoko rapunga a-rohe ki to kuaha mariko.
  • Tohuahanga Whakaahua: Kaua e wareware ki te kaha whakapati o nga whakaahua. Ko nga whakaahua kua tohua te tohu whenua ka herea to pakihi ki ona pakiaka matawhenua. Ka taea e tenei tono taapiri te tohu i nga unahi ki a koe ina uru ana te rapu algorithm a rohe ki nga taputapu.
  • Whakairinga Whakapaipai: Ko wai e kii ana ko nga ahuatanga pāpāho-a-iwi mo nga tangata nunui o nga papaapori pāpori? Whakamahia nga 'Posts' a GMB ki te tuku tuku, ki te panui i nga whakahoutanga, me te hono atu ki to turanga kaihoko me te noho tata me te whakawhanaungatanga kua rahuitia mo te hunga whai hapori.
  • Te wikitoria Karere: I te tau o nga waea atamai, ko te waatea te rangatira. Ko te whakahoe i te ahuatanga SMS a GMB ka tono he rarangi korero e paingia ana e te tini e pai ake ana ki te tuhi i te korero.

Whakaarohia te huarahi kei mua, kei hea rangahau kupu matua rohe ka arahi i o korero korero, ka huri te arotautanga rautaki i te GMB mai i te raarangi noa ki te rauemi SEO rohe kaha. Whaia enei tirohanga, ka taea pea to umanga hei whare rama i waenga i nga maakete o te rohe e kiki ana, e tohu ana i tona waahi puta noa i Kapiti, Paraparaumu, me tua atu.

Te whakapai ake i to Whakaahuatanga Pakihi mo to rohe rohe

Ko te wetewete i te kaha katoa o to noho ki runga ipurangi ka timata ma te hanga whakaahuatanga pakihi e korero tika ana ki to hapori. Ma te whakarite i nga kupu matua matawhenua e tika ana me te tatau i nga ahuatanga katoa, ka whakatauhia e koe te turanga mo te tapuwae matihiko o te rohe. Ko taua huarahi rautaki ka whakarite kia kaua e whakarārangihia noa to whakahaere engari ka tu mai ano ki roto rārangi whaiaronga rohe, te whakapakari i to whare korero a rohe nga mahi me te whakapumau i to ingoa arotautanga pūkaha rapu rohe.

Arotauhia taku Pakihi a Google

Me ruku ki roto i nga ahuatanga o te whakamahine i to whakamaarama kia paoho ki to rohe tata me te rohe whanui e mahi ana koe.

Te whakauru i nga kupu matua matawhenua

Whakaarohia he kaihoko pea kei Kapiti e rapu ana i tetahi kaihoko putiputi o te rohe. Ka whakamahi pea ratou i nga kupu kua mau ki nga tohu waahi. Koinei to waahi ki te whakarite i to pakihi ki nga tumanako a te kaihoko. Ma te whakauru i nga kupu matua penei i he kaihoko putiputi marena i Paraparaumu ranei tino kai putiputi marena i Kapiti, kaore koe e arotau noa i to korero mo taku Pakihi a Google engari ka toro atu ano to toronga puta noa i te rohe.

Whakamōrahi Whakamahi Pūāhua

Ko nga ahuatanga katoa i roto i to whakaahuatanga pakihi he tino taonga i te ao o arotautanga pūkaha rapu rohe. Ma te 750 noa nga tohu kei a koe, he mea nui ki te hanga i ia rerenga korero me te tika me te whakaaro. Ko to mahi ko te raranga i tetahi korero e whai kiko ana, e kikii ana i nga ahuatanga SEO o te rohe. I a koe e hanga ana i to whakamaarama, me whai whakaaro ki te hiranga o nga kianga ka whakamahia e nga kaihoko pea ina rapu ratonga i roto i te mosaic mamati o o raatau kaainga, i te mutunga ko te whai ki te whakapai ake i to tuunga o to paetukutuku me te whakatuu i te noho a rohe.

Te Mana o nga Whakaahua Tohua-a-rangi i te Rapu Rohe

Mo nga pakihi o te takiwa e hikaka ana ki te whakanui SEO rohe a whakanui ake te tirohanga o te rohe, he mea tino nui te whakaurunga rautaki o nga whakaahua tohu-a-whenua i roto i to korero mo taku Pakihi a Google. I roto i te whai ki te eke ki nga tohu rangatira me te whare backlink rohe, ka taea e tenei waahanga ka warewarehia he painga nui.

Whakaarohia to pakihi ka puta ake i roto i nga Mahere Google hei ramarama mo nga rapunga a-rohe—ehara i te mea he tata koe ki te matawhenua, engari na te mea kua whakakiia e koe to kōtaha GMB ki nga whakaahua whakaihiihi, tohu-a-raupapa ka oho tonu. Ko enei whakaahua ehara i te mea he kaiwhakatakoto waahi tuuturu, engari he karere hihiri mo to tohu tohu me te kounga tino kitea o o tuku, hono pai ki te hapori me te whakauru i to waahi ki te whenua o te rohe.

He aha nga whakaahua tohu-a-rangi he mea nui mo te SEO rohe?

  • Ka whakahāngaitia to pakihi ki nga waahi motuhake, he maamaa ake mo nga miihini rapu te whakauru i a koe hua paetata.
  • Ka whakanuia e te Geo-tagging te whaitaketanga o to rarangi ingoa, e ahu mai ana kua pai ake nga rarangi i nga waahi e mahi ana koe.
  • Ko te korero mo to pakihi - o hua, o ratonga, to aahua - ka whai pono ma nga tirohanga e hono ana ki tetahi waahi me te hapori.

Engari me pehea e whakarite ai kei te whakanui koe i te kaha o enei whakaahua tohu-a-rangi? Kei raro nei he ripanga e tohu ana i nga mahi matua ka taea e koe ki te whakarangatira i to kōtaha GMB me te reka o te rohe:

Mahi Te kaupapa Putanga
Whakahou tonu me nga whakaahua hou Kia mau tonu to kōtaha GMB me te whai waahi Ka whakatenatenahia te piki ake o nga reiti whakauru me te pai ake o te tirohanga
Whakapaihia nga whakaahua me nga tohu whenua o te rohe Ka whakapakari i te whaitakenga o te rohe Whakaritehia to waitohu hei waahanga nui o te hapori
Tohua nga whakaahua me nga waahi tika Te whakanui ake i te SEO ma te whakaatu i te whaitake ki nga uiuinga rapu motuhake Ka peia nga waka e whaaia ana me te awhina i te kuhu o te maakete motuhake

Ko to mahi hei kaiuru hihiri ki te maakete matihiko he maamaa. Ma te whakahou tonu i to rarangi o nga tirohanga kua tohua e koe, ka mau koe i nga korero o te rohe—a, i roto i te mahi, ehara koe i te noho noa i te hapori, ka awhina koe ki te tautuhi. Na, whakamahia enei taputapu ki to raatau tino whanui me te maataki i a Google me o kaihoko ki te hono i to ingoa ki te kounga o te rohe me te noho mai.

Ma te whakamahi i nga "Whakairinga" i runga i taku Pakihi a Google hei whakauru me te kukume i nga kaihoko

Te mahi tahi me nga kaihoko pea ma to Google Taku Pakihi Ko te kōtaha (GMB) he taahiraa nui ki te tuku whai hua rautaki SEO rohe. Ko te ngawari o te GMB ka taea te maha o nga taunekeneke e kore e whakanui noa tirohanga a rohe engari te whakarei ake arotautanga pūkaha rapu rohe, ka taea to pakihi ki te kukume atu kiritaki.

Whakawhanaunga Tirohanga Paetata

Ko tetahi waahanga nui o te GMB ko te kaha ki te hanga i nga 'Posts' pakari e mahi ana hei huarahi hokohoko tika ki to turanga kaihoko me te hunga e aro nui ana ki to rohe. Ma te whakamahi katoa i tenei mahi, ka taea e koe te whakamohio atu ki to hunga whakarongo mo nga tuku hou, nga whakahoutanga me nga purongo - ka uru katoa ki te pikinga o nga pakihi hou e tango ana i te GMB hei waahanga matua o to raatau SEO rohe me te kete taputapu hokohoko.

Te Whakatairanga i nga Tohu Motuhake

Ina whakatairanga koe i nga tuku motuhake ma te GMB Posts, ka hoatu e koe he uara tonu ki nga kaiwhakamahi e rapu ana i o ratonga, hua ranei. Ko te ahua tika o te GMB Posts ko te tikanga ka taea e enei whakatairanga te aro tika i te wa o te rapu, ka piki ake te tupono ki te huri.

Nga CTA whai hua i roto i nga Panui GMB

Te whakakotahi i te whai hua karanga-ki-mahi (CTA) i roto i enei pou e kore noa e akiaki i nga tumanako ki te whakauru engari e akiaki ana ia ratou ki te mahi tonu. Ahakoa he tere ki te "ako atu" mo tetahi ratonga, he whakatenatena ranei ki te "waea inaianei" ki te tono hui, ka taea e te CTA te hanga pai i roto i to GMB Post te huri keemu ki te pupuri i te pono o nga kaihoko.

Ma te whakamahi tonu i enei tikanga ki o pou kōtaha GMB, ka taea e koe te whakarite kia kore noa to pakihi e pupuri i te noho mamati pakari engari ka poipoia hoki he hapori kaha me te whai waahi huri noa i to waitohu - he tikanga tino pai ki te piki ki runga ake i nga reanga hua rapu a rohe.

Te Whakapai ake i te Urunga me te Kōwhiringa Karere a GMB

Ko te whakanui ake i te urunga o to hinonga he mahi nui ki te whakakaha ake i tana arotautanga pūkaha rapu rohe. Na te taenga mai o te waahanga Karere i roto i to raarangi Pakihi a Google (GMB), ka taea e koe te whakawhiti i te waahi i waenga i te waatea o nga kaihoko me te urupare pakihi. Ko tenei mahi auaha ehara i te mea ngawari noa te whakawhitiwhiti korero mo te wa e tuku mai ana nga korero mai i to GBP engari ka whakakaha ano hoki i te whakaaro o to pakihi hei aro me te aro ki nga kaihoko-kohatu mo te whakapai ake. rārangi whaiaronga rohe me te whakawhānui i to te whakanui ake i te tirohanga o te rohe.

Me tirotirohia me pehea e taea ai e te Kowhiringa Karere i roto i to kotaha pakihi te whakapumau i te pai o te taunekeneke ki o kaihoko:

  • Ma te tuku hongere SMS, ka aro tika koe ki te tipu haere o te waahanga o nga kaihoko e pai ana ki te tuku korero hei huarahi korero tuatahi. He tino pono tenei mo nga kaiwhakamahi pūkoro e rapu ana i nga otinga me nga whakawhitinga tere.
  • Ko te Whakahohenga Karere ka taea pea te hopu i te nui ake o nga hokohoko pakirehua. Ko tenei manakohanga mo te tuku waea ka puta mai i te ngawari me te tere o te wa ka whakaritea ki nga waea reo tuku iho.
  • Ko te urutau ki nga ahuatanga hangarau hou he mea nui ki te pupuri i te mata o te maakete o enei ra. Ko te kōwhiringa SMS a GMB e whakaatu ana i to kakama ki te whakautu ki nga manakohanga korero hou, e whakapakari ana i a koe arotautanga pūkaha rapu rohe kaha.
  • Ko tenei waahanga ehara i te mea mo te uru noa, engari ano he taputapu mo te whakanui ake i nga reiti whakauru me te pupuri, na te mea ka maioha nga kaihoko ki nga pakihi e whakaute ana i o raatau waa me nga tikanga whakawhitiwhiti korero.

Ko te awhi i te SMS i roto i to raarangi GMB he nui ake i te haere tonu ki nga tikanga hangarau—ka whakatuwhera i nga huarahi hou hei whakarangatira i nga taunekeneke a nga kaihoko, a, ma te taapiri, ka whakapakari i to paanga SEO rohe. Whakamahia tenei waahanga tika ki te whakarite i te wa e rapu ana nga kaihoko pea mo nga ratonga, ka tu to pakihi hei huarahi tino watea me te whakautu i nga rapunga a-rohe. Whakamaramahia kia uru atu nga kaihoko ki a koe, kia maataki i a koe tirohanga a rohe puāwai.

Whakanuia te SEO Paetata me nga Arotake Kaihoko i runga i taku Pakihi a Google

Te whakarei ake i to arotautanga pūkaha rapu rohe Ko nga mahi me nga urupare a nga kaihoko i runga i taku Pakihi a Google (GMB) kaore i te hanga noa i to ingoa ipurangi engari ka whakapakari ano i to hononga ki whare backlink rohe a whare korero a rohe. Kia tirotirohia me pehea e huri ai nga arotake i to tirohanga a rohe me te whakanui ake i te wheako kaihoko ki to kokonga o te ao.

Te Painga Arotake Ipurangi ki runga SEO rohe

Te whakatenatena i nga urupare a nga kaihoko

Hei whakarei ake i to kōtaha GMB, whakaarohia te hanga rautaki hei akiaki i nga kaihoko ki te waiho i o raatau whakaaro me o raatau wheako. Ehara tenei i te hanga putunga putunga o arotake ipurangi; he kaha ki te whakauru i o kiritaki, ka hanga korero e paoro ana puta noa i te rohe. Ahakoa kei te puku o Kapiti koe, kei nga tiriti pukumahi ranei o Paraparaumu, ko te akiaki i nga urupare a nga kaihoko te mea nui mo to whakatauranga o to rohe.

  • Whakaaunoa i nga raupapa imeera i muri i te hoko, i te ratonga ranei, ma te tuku hononga pai ki nga kaihoko ki te arotake.
  • Tuhia he waea hoa ki te mahi i roto i nga whakawhitiwhitinga whakawhitinga, me te akiaki i nga kaihoko makona ki te whakapuaki i o raatau wheako.
  • Whakautu wawe ki nga urupare, e whakaatu ana i te uara mo nga whakaaro a nga kaihoko me te whakatairanga i te whakawhirinaki.

Ma te whakamahi i enei tikanga, ka kite pea koe a te whakanui ake i te tirohanga o te rohe, te tono i nga kaihoko pea ki te tuhi i to pakihi.

Te whakahaere i te ingoa ipurangi

I te mea ka kaha ake te whakataetae a te ao matihiko, he mea nui kia mau tonu te rongonui o te ipurangi. Ka tohu ki nga algorithms a Google me nga kaihoko pea ko to pakihi he mema pono me te uara o te hapori. Me wehewehe me pehea e taea ai e nga arotake te whakapumau i to tuunga ki te whenua rapunga rohe.

Rautaki Mahi Painga
Te Aroturuki Arotake Kia mau ki te titiro me te whakautu ki nga arotake pai me nga arotake kino i runga i nga mahi ngaio. Ka hanga i te whakawhirinaki ki nga kaihoko me te whakaputa i te ahua o te mahi a te kaihoko.
Arotake Tono Me tono mo nga arotake ma te maha o nga hongere, tae atu ki nga tohu i roto i te toa me nga rihīti matihiko. Ka piki ake te rahi o nga arotake, ka whai waahi ki te whare korero a rohe.
Te Whakamahi Arotake Miramirahia nga taunakitanga pai i runga i to paetukutuku me te paapori pāpori. Ka whakanui ake i te pono o te waitohu me te arahi ki whare backlink rohe whai wāhitanga.

Ko te whakahaere tino pai o to ingoa ipurangi, na roto i te tono tono arotake me nga rautaki whakautu, kaore e taea e koe anake te turaki i a koe ki mua o te whakaaro a nga kaihoko engari ka waiho ano he turanga pumau mo to waahi ipurangi. Ma te awhi i te kaha o nga whakaaturanga pai, ka maataki koe i tetahi huarahi ki kua pai ake te reiti pawhiri me a teitei ake i nga hua rapunga a-rohe.

Te whakamahi i nga ahuatanga o taku Pakihi a Google mo nga Pakihi Kore-a-rohe

Mena he pakihi koe me nga wawata kei tua atu i to matawhenua tata, kei te mahi koe kaore he wahitau tinana, kei roto tonu i a koe nga hua o taku Pakihi (GMB) a Google. Hei a He tohunga SEO rohe i Kapiti a tohunga SEO rohe i Paraparaumu, ka taea e koe te whakamahi auaha i nga ahuatanga GMB hei whakarei ake i to tirohanga a rohe a whakapai ake te pae tukutuku, ahakoa o to waahi tinana. Ko tenei wahanga arotautanga e kii ana mo te mahi auaha - he wero ki te whakatipu i to paanga o to rohe ma nga hongere mamati.

Ko tetahi o enei huarahi ko te whakamahi i te GMB ki te tuku waea mai i te hunga e rapu ana i nga ratonga a-rohe, ka taea te tuku aunoa i a raatau ki te tiki i o ratonga, ki te tango ranei i to tono. Ka whai hua tenei tikanga ki te tuu i to pakihi ki roto tonu i te awa rapunga a rohe, me te huri i aua riipene rapu ki nga huarahi pakihi tino kitea me te kore e tono he wahitau poutapeta a rohe.

Ko te tono o te GMB hei awa tipu ehara i te mea mo te tirohanga noa; e pā ana ki te taunekeneke whai kiko. Ka tae mai ki te mohio ki nga mahi toi a-rohe me te kore he toa, ka kitea e koe ko nga taputapu a te GMB he mea whakarite motuhake ki te hanga i tetahi waahi o te rohe e pa ana ki nga kaihoko pea, ahakoa te tata ki to turanga mahi.

Creative Google Toku Whakamahi Pakihi

Hei whakanui ake i tenei whai waahi, timata ma te tautuhi i to kupu kupu 'kuihi koura' - he kupu e hono pai ana ki to tuku pakihi engari he mea motuhake kia kitea i roto i te rapunga a-rohe. Ko tenei mahi whakahirahira ka whakapumau i te hononga i waenga i nga mea e whakaratohia ana e koe me te tono a rohe e tutuki ana. Na te raarangi o taku Pakihi a Google kua whakarangatirahia me nga kupu matua kua kowhiria, ka taea e nga pakihi kore-rohe te whai i te whainga kia pai ake te tirohanga o te rohe me te pai ake o te hokohoko tukutuku.

Anei he ripanga hei whakaatu me pehea e taea ai e nga pakihi kore-rohe te whakamahi tika i nga ahuatanga GMB:

Āhuahira Painga Te whakatinanatanga
Nga waahanga ratonga Ka aro ki nga kaihoko o te rohe kaore he waahi tinana Tauwhāitihia ngā rohe e mahi ana koe ki tō kōtaha GMB
Nga whakairinga Ka uru atu ki te maakete a-rohe mo nga whakatairanga me nga whakahoutanga Tohaina nga panui i te wa e tika ana mo te rohe
Nga arotake Ka whakanui ake i te pono i waenga i nga kaiwhaiwhai o te rohe Akiakihia nga urupare a nga kaihoko ahakoa o raatau waahi
Whakaahua Ka hono atu to waitohu ki nga ahurea me nga tohu whenua Tukuna ake nga whakaahua e pa ana ki nga kaupapa o te rohe

Ma te whakaaro ano ki te whakamahi i Taku Pakihi a Google, ka taea e to hinonga te whakatu i tetahi pa kaha ki nga waahi maha, ki te whakatairanga i nga hononga kua kore e taea. Ko taua toa rautaki i whakaatuhia e a tohunga SEO rohe i Paraparaumu he whakatapua ranei He tohunga SEO rohe i Kapiti Ka whakamanahia to pakihi kaore e whai waahi noa ki te maakete matihiko engari ka whakahau, kia rangona to reo ka kitea to waitohu ki waenga o te rohe me tua atu.


Ma te whakamahi i nga ahuatanga o taku Pakihi a Google, ka whakakiia e koe to umanga me tetahi taputapu pakari mo te rautaki SEO rohe. Ko to aro nui ki te hanga whakaahuatanga e haangai ana ki te whai tikanga o te rohe, ki te uru atu ki nga kaihoko ma nga Panui me nga SMS tuuturu, ka whakamarama i te huarahi ki te mana rangatira i nga hua rapunga rohe. Ehara i te mea mo te tirohanga noa; Ko te hanga i tetahi waitohu pono e haruru ana i roto i to hapori—he kaupapa e mahia ana e ia tangata rohe pakihi ki Kapiti, ki hea atu ranei, ka tino marama.

Nga Whakaaro Whakamutunga

Te tango huarahi matawhānui ki to rautaki SEO rohe, i reira ka noho a GMB hei taonga nui, ko te kohatu matua i roto i to haerenga ki te rongonui rongonui o te rohe. Ma te kaha ki te akiaki me te whakahaere i nga arotake a nga kaihoko, ka hangaia e koe he tino pono. Ko enei mahi katoa, he mea raranga ki roto i te papanga o to aroaro mamati, ka whakakorikori i nga korero ka kitea e nga kaihoko o te rohe, te whakauru, me te tautoko mo to waitohu. Ma te tipu haere tonu i roto i tenei rauwiringa kaiao matihiko, ka whakarite koe i to tuunga hei pakihi-a-rohe i roto i nga ngakau me nga hinengaro o to hapori.

Whakapaa mai

Ko to raarangi Pakihi a Google he hinonga matihiko ora e ora ana i runga i nga whakahoutanga me nga taunekeneke. Kia oti, kia mau tonu, kia whakaatu pono i taau e tuku. Mena ka hiahia awhina koe, he patai ranei me pehea te whakamahi i te Profile Pakihi a Google whai hua, toro atu ki waea ranei 0800 150 803. Me mahi tahi kia 10x to aroaro SEO rohe me te whakapumau i to tuunga hei rangatira pakihi a rohe i Kapiti i nga waahi katoa ranei e karanga ana to pakihi ki te kainga.

Ngā Pātai Auau

Me pehea taku whakamahi i te Kotaha Pakihi a Google hei whakapai ake i taku SEO rohe?

Ka taea e koe te whakamahi i to Kotaha Pakihi a Google (GBP) ki te whakapai ake i te SEO rohe ma te whakarite kia tika, kia oti, kia whakahouhia o korero pakihi i nga wa katoa. Kei roto i tenei ko to ingoa pakihi, wahitau, tau waea, waahanga, me nga huanga. Ko te whakahōu i to kōtaha me nga ihirangi hou penei i nga panui, whakaahua, me nga tuku motuhake ka whakanui ake i to tirohanga me to ataahua ki to hunga whakarongo.

He aha te mea nui te arotau i taku Pakihi Google mo te SEO rohe?

Ko te whakapai ake i to raarangi Pakihi a Google he mea nui mo te SEO rohe na te mea e awe tika ana te ahua o to pakihi ki te Rapu me nga Mahere Google. Ka awhina te raarangi tino pai whakapai ake te pae tukutuku, ka whakanui ake i te tirohanga o te rohe, me te whakanui ake i to tupono ki te puta i roto i te 'Paki Paetata' o nga hua rapunga.

Me pehea taku whakauru i nga kupumatua matawhenua ki taku whakaahuatanga pakihi?

Hei whakauru i nga kupumatua matawhenua ki to whakaahuatanga pakihi, tautuhia nga waahi motuhake, nga waahi ranei e mahihia ana e to pakihi. Whakamahia enei waahi i roto i to tuhinga whakaahuatanga pakihi hei awhina i a Google ki te hono i to pakihi ki aua waahi, me te mahara ki te tepe 750-puāhua.

He aha te hiranga o nga whakaahua tohu-a-rangi mo te SEO rohe?

Ko nga whakaahua tohu-a-rangi e whakarato ana i te horopaki waahi ki o whakaahua, e awhina ana i nga miihini rapu ki te mohio kei hea to pakihi e pa ana ki te matawhenua. Ka tino whai hua tenei mo nga uiui rapu a-rohe, ka pai ake pea te puta o to pakihi ki nga hua rapu mo aua waahi.

Me pehea e taea ai e au te whakamahi tika i te waahanga 'Whakairinga' ki taku kotaha Pakihi a Google?

Whakamahia te āhuatanga 'Whakairinga' ki to kōtaha Google My Business ki te uru atu ki to hunga whakarongo ma te tiri i nga whakahoutanga, kaupapa, tuku, me nga panui. Me whakarite he panui marama o ia pou me te whakauru i te karanga-ki-mahi (CTA) hei akiaki i nga kaihoko ka taea te mahi i te mahi ka whai ake, penei i te toro atu ki to paetukutuku, te whakapiri tika ranei ki a koe.

He aha nga painga ka tukuna e te GMB te whiringa whakapā SMS?

Ko te kōwhiringa whakapā SMS a te GMB ka taea e nga kaihoko te tuku korero ngawari ki to pakihi me nga patai me nga tono tautoko. Ka whakarato tenei i te huarahi korero tere me te watea mo o kaihoko, ka nui ake te whakauru, te pai ake o te wheako o nga kaihoko, me te teitei ake o te tirohanga o te rohe.

He pehea te paanga o nga arotake a nga kaihoko ki taku Pakihi Google me te SEO rohe?

He mea nui nga arotake a nga Kaihoko mo to korero mo taku Pakihi a Google me to SEO rohe. Ka taea e nga arotake pai te whakapai ake i te ingoa ipurangi o to pakihi, te whakanui i te pono, me te whakaawe i to rarangi rapunga. Akiakihia nga kaihoko makona ki te waiho i nga arotake me te whakautu wawe ki nga urupare katoa hei whakanui ake i enei painga.

Ka whai hua nga pakihi kore-rohe mai i te raarangi Pakihi a Google?

Tino! Ka taea e nga pakihi kore-rohe te whakamahi i taku Pakihi a Google ki te aro ki nga kaihoko a-rohe ma te whakarite i tetahi waahi ratonga ki runga i o raatau korero, me te whakaatu i nga kaupapa o te rohe e uru ana ratou ki te hanga ihirangi rohe ki o raatau pou. Ka awhina tenei ki te whakapai ake i te noho o te rohe ka taea te kawe waka a rohe ki a raatau pakihi.

Hononga Puna

Pānuitia atu

Mamati Mamati - He aha te mea he mea nui te Mamati Mamati?

Ko te hokohoko i nga wa katoa e pa ana ki te hono atu ki to hunga whakarongo ki te taha matau wahi kei te taha matau .

I tenei ra, ko te tikanga me tutaki koe ki to hunga whakarongo ki te waahi e whakapau kaha ana ratou. Kei te ipurangi te waahi.

I mohio koe i te tau 2022, neke atu i te 4.95 piriona nga kaiwhakamahi ipurangi o te ao? I piki ake tenei mai i te 400 miriona nga kaiwhakamahi i te tau 2021. He nui nga tangata tera, he nui nga tangata ka taea tou nga kaihoko ano - engari mena ka mohio ratou ki a koe.

Kei te hiahia koe ki te ako atu mo te hokohoko matihiko me te ako he aha te mea nui? Kia mau ki te panui.

Ko te hokohoko matihiko he kupu whakamarumaru mo nga mahi hokohoko tuihono katoa a to kamupene.


Ko te hokohoko matihiko te huarahi e kitea ai koe e to hunga whakarongo ki runga ipurangi, uru atu ki to Waitohu, ka aroha ki nga mea e tukuna ana e koe, hanga te whakawhirinaki me te mutunga… hoko mai i a koe.

Me ruku tatou ki:

  1. He aha te Mamati Mamati?

  2. He aha nga painga o te hokohoko Ipurangi?

  3. Rautaki Mamati Mamati vs Mahere Hokohoko Mamati

  4. Me pehea taku tuhi i te Rautaki Mamati Mamati?

  5. Me pehea taku tuhi Mahere Mamati Mamati?

Panuitia ki te ako atu mo te Mamati Mamati, he aha tena me pehea e taea ai e koe te hanga rautaki hokohoko matihiko mo to pakihi kia toro atu ki nga kaihoko maha atu i to whakaaro ka taea.

1. He aha te Mamati Mamati?

umanga hokohoko mamati i roto i te koreromu
I tenei wa mamati, ka taea e tetahi te whakamahi i te hangarau hei whakatairanga i a raatau pakihi. Waihanga hoahoa auaha ka tohatoha ki te ipurangi.

Ko te hokohoko mamati e mohiotia ana ko te hokohoko ipurangi, ko te hokohoko Ipurangi ranei. Ka awhi i te maha o nga tikanga hokohoko tuku iho engari kei roto ano etahi 'whakamohoatanga' nui kia whai hua ai ki te waahi matihiko.

Ko te hokohoko mamati ko te whakamahi i nga hongere mamati, i nga hangarau ranei hei hoko, hei whakatairanga ranei i tetahi hua, ratonga ranei.

Na, he aha te mahi hokohoko mamati? Ka kiia e matou ko nga pou 9 o te hokohoko mamati ko enei:

  • Te hokohoko ihirangi
  • Te hokohoko imeera
  • Te hokohoko pāpāho pāpori (SMM)
  • Te hokohoko miihini rapu (SEM)
  • Te arotautanga miihini rapu (SEO)
  • Te hokohoko awe
  • Te hokohoko pūkoro
  • Te tātari hokohoko
  • Te hokohoko hononga

Ko nga pou e 9 ka taka ki raro i te kupu maru 'Mamati Mamati' karekau he raupapatanga - he rite tonu te hiranga o nga pou 9 i enei ra.

Engari mo te tino tauira o enei pou e mahi ana… mena kei te whakatenatena koe ki te hoko mai i a koe e tirotiro ipurangi ana, koinei nga pou e 9 o te hokohoko matihiko kei te mahi.

2. He aha nga painga o te hokohoko Ipurangi?

He aha nga painga o te hokohoko Ipurangi

Ko te maha o nga kaihoko ka taea ranei, nga tumanakohanga, ka kitea e koe i runga ipurangi nui nui ake i a koe e kaha ki te kukume i to rohe.

Kei te korero matou mo te hunga whakarongo ki te ao o te 4.95 piriona tangata kei konei, he maha kei te tipu haere i ia tau. Whakaarohia nga huarahi ka whakatuwherahia e koe nga tatau o tou pakihi ki taua tini tangata.

Ka huri pea te oranga mo koe me to whanau.

Ma te whakauru i te 50% anake o nga pou hokohoko matihiko ki roto i to mahere hokohoko matihiko, ka taea e koe te toro atu ki te hunga whakarongo ki te ao i runga i te utu whai hua, te tauine me te ine.

Ko etahi o nga painga matua o te hokohoko mamati ko:

  • Ko te kaha ki te taunekeneke me o tumanako me te ako i nga mea e rapuhia ana e ratou (i etahi atu kupu, kia pai ake te mohio ki o kaihoko!).
  • Te kaha ki te toro atu ki tetahi, ki hea, i te mea kaore he rohe matawhenua i te waahi mamati.
  • Whakaritehia te hunga whakarongo tika i te wa tika - he ngawari ake te whakawhaiaro me te hokohoko mamati.
  • Whakawhitiwhiti korero ki o tumanako i nga wa katoa o te tukanga hoko.
  • Whakaorangia te moni ma te toro atu ki nga kaihoko mo te iti ake.
  • Kia mohio koe ki to hunga whakarongo me te akiaki i te whakauru ki te hanga i te pono o te waitohu.
  • Whiwhi i te whakatenatena mai i te kaha o nga kaupapa pono a nga kaihoko.
  • Aroturuki me te aro turuki i nga whakautu ki o mahi hokohoko ngawari me te tere.


3. Rautaki Mamati Mamati vs Mahere Hokohoko Mamati

Rautaki Mamati Mamati vs Mahere Hokohoko Mamati

Ahakoa he maha nga wa ka whakamahia e nga tohunga hokohoko enei kupu e rua – He rereke nga Mahere Hokohoko Mamati me nga Rautaki Tauhokohoko Mamati tetahi ki tetahi.

Engari kia maumahara ki te rapu angitu i roto i te pakihi ipurangi, e rua e tika ana.

Ko nga rereketanga tino rongonui i waenga i nga mea e rua ko te rautaki hokohoko mamati he mea ka whakapumautia e koe tuatahi. Whai muri i to mahere hokohoko mamati e whakaatu ana me pehea koe e tutuki ai nga whainga katoa kua tautuhia e koe i roto te rautaki hokohoko mamati.

Anei etahi atu rereketanga i waenga i te mahere hokohoko mamati me te rautaki hokohoko matihiko:

  • Whakamaramatanga: Ko te rautaki hokohoko mamati te take kei a koe nga mahi hokohoko mamati. Ko tenei pea na te mea me whiwhi moni ake te pakihi hei tautoko i tona tipuranga, ka hiahia ranei te pakihi kia nui ake te tohu tohu kia mau ai nga kaihoko mo te wa roa. Engari, ko te mahere hokohoko mamati te huarahi e taea ai e koe tuku to rautaki.
  • Te kaupapa: Ko te kaupapa o te rautaki hokohoko matihiko he whakahāngai i o whainga hokohoko matihiko ki nga whainga whanui o te pakihi. Ahakoa ko te kaupapa o te mahere hokohoko mamati ko te whakawhanake i nga mea motuhake takahanga Ka hiahia koe ki te whakatutuki i o whaainga hokohoko.
  • Arotahi: Ko tetahi atu rereketanga i waenga i te mahere hokohoko mamati me te rautaki hokohoko mamati kei roto i nga mea e arotahi ana ia. Ko to rautaki hokohoko mamati ka uru ki o whainga, ki nga kaupapa whakatairanga, ki te hunga whakarongo, ki nga tikanga whakawhitiwhiti korero me te tātari whakataetae. Ka whakatauritea, me arotahi to mahere hokohoko mamati ki te whakatinanatanga tikanga me etahi atu huarahi e whakamahere ana koe ki te whakatutuki i nga whaainga kua whakauruhia e koe ki te rautaki.

Inaianei kua korerohia e matou nga rereketanga i waenga i nga mea e rua, ko te tumanako kua mohio koe inaianei he aha te mea nui. Ka whai ake, ka rukuhia e matou me pehea te tuhi i to ake rautaki hokohoko mamati!

4. Me pehea taku tuhi i te Rautaki Mamati Mamati?

Me pehea taku hanga i tetahi Rautaki Mamati Mamati
Ma te rautaki ka whai huarahi koe, he pono tenei i roto i nga ahuatanga katoa o te whakahaere i to pakihi. Ko te rautaki hokohoko matihiko kaore he rereke me te aha i kiia ai he mapi ara hei whakatipu i to pakihi i runga ipurangi.

Mai i o maatau wheako, he maha nga kamupene kaore he rautaki hokohoko mamati marama whāinga rautaki. I te nuinga o te wa ka tae mai ratou ki te taha-a-ringa, ka puta ki te patai mena he kaupapa rautaki hohonu kei roto i te pakihi. Mena kei te uaua koe ki te kimi wa, kaore ranei koe e mohio ki hea ka tiimata - tenei aratohu mai i HELM ka tino awhina koe ki te whakahoki i a koe ki runga i te huarahi.

He rautaki hokohoko matihiko kua whakamaramatia e whakarato ana ki a koe marama. Ki te kore tetahi, he tino uaua ki te toha rauemi ki nga hongere hokohoko mamati motuhake me te uaua ake ki te ine mena kei te eke koe ki o whaainga. Anei nga patai e toru hei whakaatu i tenei kaupapa…

  • E hia nga hua i mahia e matou?
  • He pehea te pai o te whakautu a o taatau kaihoko?
  • He aha ta tatou i pai ake ai?

E toru nga patai tino ngawari ki te patai, ko te nuinga, rawa he uaua ki te whakautu - mena kua tuhia e koe he rautaki hokohoko mamati.

Na, me pehea taku tuhi i tetahi rautaki hokohoko mamati?

Ka taea e koe te timata ma te tuhi i nga whakautu ki enei patai:

  • He aha taku e ngana ana ki te whakatutuki? (whakahuatia o whainga katoa)
  • Ko wai taku hunga whakarongo? (tau, taupori, tauwāhi etc)
  • He aha te tangata tino pai ki te kaihoko (hei tauira, he rangatahi ngaio tane e aroha ana ki te noho matomato?)
  • Ko ēhea teihana matihiko e tino pai ana? (hei tauira, Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads i runga i te rangahau maakete)
  • He aha taku tahua morahi? (whakaurua he iti ohorere)
  • E hia nga kaimahi me tohu e au?
  • He aha te hiahia o te maakete mo tenei hua/ratonga?
  • Me pehea taku ine me te ripoata mo te kaupapa whakahau?

Kia whakautua e koe enei patai katoa, ka 90% koe mo te tuhi i to rautaki hokohoko mamati. Hangaia ki runga ake ma te taapiri i nga patai e pa ana ki to niche me o whaainga. I mua i to mohio, ka whai koe i tetahi rautaki hokohoko matihiko e whakapono ana koe ka akiakihia to pakihi ki mua. 

Inaianei, kia aro tatou ki te te whakamatenga o to rautaki a koinei te mahere hokohoko matihiko!

5. Me pehea taku tuhi Mahere Mamati Mamati?

Me pehea taku hanga Mahere Mamati Mamati

Tuatahi, kia tere te korero - he aha ko he mahere hokohoko mamati? Ka taea e matou te whakarato ki a koe he tauira e whakaatu ana me pehea te hanga i a koe ake.

Kia mahara ko te hokohoko matihiko ka tutuki i roto i nga huarahi hokohoko matihiko, ma te awhi i nga pou 9, penei i runga ake nei. Na reira he mahere hokohoko matihiko he āta whakaaro he mahi whakatau mo to rautaki hokohoko matihiko me te whakatau i nga waahana matihiko tino tika hei awhina i a koe ki te whakatutuki.

I roto i te poto, kua tautuhia te mahere hokohoko mamati hei taahiraa-i-te-taahiraa, he mahinga mahi e arotahi ana tuku te rautaki hokohoko mamati. 

Inaianei kua tino mohio koe he aha te mahere hokohoko mamati, he tauira tino ora tenei o tetahi i runga i te tūtohi Gantt.

Ko te mea tino whai hua mo tenei tauira he tauira Gantt tauwhitiwhiti, ko te nuinga he PDF tuimotu e kore nei e hoatu ki a koe te nui o te uara taapiri. Engari ma tenei gantt tauwhitiwhiti, ka tino kite koe i nga taahiraa-i-te-taahiraa, me pehea te hanga i to ake Mahere hokohoko matihiko me etahi waahi mooni mo ia mahi. Tino awhina!

Inaianei kua tino rite koe, kua tae ki te wa ki te tuhi i to mahere hokohoko mamati!


Ko o mahi ka whai ake.

I VIEWFULE, e mihi ana matou he wa roa ki te whakawhanake i tetahi rautaki hokohoko mamati whai hua, me te tuhi i tetahi mahere hokohoko mamati whai hua. Engari ki te whakangao koe i te wa ki te mahi pera, ka nui nga utu me te whakarereketanga o te ao ka tino marama… te whai waahi ki te maakete o te 4.95 piriona nga kaiwhakamahi ipurangi ipurangi ehara i te katakata. Me whai taonga mena ka tika koe me te maha o nga kamupene mahi ia ra.

Mena ka hiahia koe ki tetahi aratohu mo te tuhi i tetahi, he korerorero pono ranei mo te hokohoko mamati mo to pakihi. Haere mai ki a maatau mo to korero KOREUTU a ka korero tatou ma te hokohoko matihiko, mai i nga hongere matihiko whai hua ki te rautaki me nga mahere kia mau tonu koe ki mua i o kaiwhakataetae me te whai waahi maakete!

Domain Mega Hoko

HostArmada - Kapua SSD manaaki Tukutuku Utu

Pānuitia atu

Panui a Google - Me pehea e taea ai e koe te whakanui ake i o hokonga ipurangi i te tau 2023

Ka tae mai ki te Rapu Engine Marketing, SEM ranei, ka whakaaro matou ki a Google Ads. Ko te mea nui tenei na te rahi me te awe o Google, kei a raatau te 90% o te wahanga maakete o te ao. Ko era atu miihini rapu katoa, kua whakakotahihia, ka iti ake i te 9% o te maakete. He meka tino miharo, ehara?

Ko te kaupapa o tenei tuhinga he awhina i a koe ki te mohio he aha nga korero a Google Ads (i mohiotia i mua ko Google AdWords), to raatau whaitake mo to pakihi, me nga huarahi rereke e taea ai e ratou te whakanui ake i te uara ki o mahi hokohoko. Na me te kore korero, me whakaatu me pehea e taea ai e koe te whakanui i o hoko tuihono i te tau 2023 me Google Ads!

Kua hurihia e Google Ads nga Tohu iti rawa atu hei rangatiratanga o te ao.

Mena kei te pirangi koe kia whakaatuhia to pakihi i te taha o te maha o nga rapunga e mahia ana i runga i a Google ia ra (kaipahua, neke atu i te 8.5 piriona) me te tere ake i to mohiotanga Waitohu i te wa e tipu haere ana to raina raro, ki ta matou whakaaro kaore he pai ake. mo to putea' i te whakamahi i nga Panui Google. 

he aha koe e whiriwhiri ai i nga panui google

Anei a maatau 5 take nui ki te whakaaro ki a Google Ads ki te whakanui i o hokonga ipurangi i te tau 2023:

  1. Ko nga Panui a Google e tuku ana i nga kaiarahi kounga

  2. Whakahaerehia nga whakapaunga panui me nga panui a Google

  3. Whakanuia te Tae Waitohu ki a Google Ads

  4. Nga Kaipupuri Purongo Taonga i roto i a Google Ads

  5. Hua Tere atu i te SEO me nga Panui a Google

me pehea te taraiwa i nga kaiarahi kounga
Ko nga tohunga hokohoko me nga Kaihokohoko e mohio ana ki te hiranga o nga kaiarahi kounga. I te mutunga o te ra, me tutuki to kaupapa whakatairanga i nga whaainga o to waitohu.

Ma te whakapai ake a Google i ana algorithms i ia ra, ka taea e koe te mohio ki te eke ki to hunga whakarongo. Ma te piriona o nga rapunga ia ra, he tino uaua ki a raatau te kore.

Ma te Panui a Google e tuku ki a koe te tono mo nga kupu matua motuhake - kupumatua poto, hiku roa ranei. Ahakoa ka taea e te whakamutunga ki a koe ki te aro ki nga kaihoko karekau e whai whakaaro nui ana, ka nui ake pea te kaha o mua ki a koe me te iti ake o nga kaiarahi.

Ka taea e koe te whakaputa kaiarahi i roto i nga huarahi maha me te maha o nga ratonga me Google Ads - ko te ao to tio.

Kua whakaaro koe kei te mohio a Google ki taau e pai ai i to hoa pai?

he aha te google ads algorithm

Ko tenei katoa kei raro i nga algorithm atamai a Google.
Ka taea e ratou te kite i te hiahia o te kaiwhakamahi me te mahi ki a raatau i ta raatau e rapu ana i runga i te pereti hiriwa.

Ma te kaha ki te 'mohio' ki te hiahia o te kaiwhakamahi, pupuri i aua raraunga katoa, katahi ka whakarato i tetahi papaahi e taea ai e te tangata ia ra te panui ma te whakamahi he kaihuri keemu.

Karekau he papaahi, he miihini rapu, he paapori paapori ranei, e tata ana ki te mana o Google mo tenei kaupapa, ka heke katoa ki te algorithm me te rōrahi – ko te maha o nga tangata, pera i a koe, e whakamahi ana i ia ra kia mohio ake ai.

Ko te mana o Google Ads kei roto i nga Waahanga Kaitakitaki

me pehea te whakamahi i nga waahanga hononga i runga i nga panui google

Me whakahihiri to panui me te whai mana nui ki te wiri i nga kaiwhakamahi, i raro i te 3 hēkona.
Ma te Google Ads, ka taea e koe te aro ki nga kaiwhakamahi e rapu ana i tetahi hua ka tukuna e to pakihi ma te whakamahi i nga waahanga whakarongo kua tino arohia.

Ko enei waahanga whakarongo me nga waahanga hononga he wehe ki nga kupumatua engari he mea nui ano. Ka awhina ratou ki te arotahi ki o mahi hokohoko ma te hono hohonu atu ki te momo tangata e kaha ana ki te whakauru atu ki to Waitohu.

Hei tauira, ko te tangata e rapu ana i te paewhiri solar tino pai rawa atu, tera pea ko te momo kaiwhakamahi e pai ana ki te noho kaakaariki. I roto i tenei take, ka whiriwhiria e matou te hunga maataki hononga 'Kaipoi mo te Ora Kaariki' hei aro ki a ratou (i etahi atu).

Ko tenei taumata o te tino tika ka whai waahi koe ki runga ake i etahi atu hongere panui ka taea e koe te wikitoria i etahi atu kaiarahi.

2. Whakahaerehia te whakapaunga moni ki nga panui a Google

me pehea te whakarite i te tahua putea a google
I tetahi wa, i tino uaua nga kaihokohoko ki te pupuri i a raatau kaupapa whakatairanga i roto i te tahua.
Ko te kaha o te purongo me te tere o te whakawhitiwhiti korero he iti rawa te korero na reira he puhoi nga mea katoa, i runga i nga whakatau tata.

Waihoki, ko nga whiringa hokohoko e waatea ana kaore i tino whai hua - engari ko nga mea katoa kei a matou - a ka hiahia koe ki te whakamahi i nga kamupene maha ki te whakaputa panui puta noa i nga hongere maha.

Ko tenei huarahi ka piki ake nga utu whakahaere me te hanga i nga wero kaute; Ko te ngana ki te tarai i te maha o nga nama me nga raarangi utu ehara i te mea ngawari me te kino ano - kei a raatau ano o raatau utu.

Ko Google Ads he mahinga hokohoko ngawari ake me te whai hua

He maha nga hongere e whakamahia ana e Google Ads, me te kaha ki te purongo e tata ana ki te wa-a-waa me nga wa whanaketanga panui tere e whakaratohia ana e te kamupene kotahi.

Ko tenei huarahi ka whakaoti i te maha o nga wero hokohoko mai i nga tau o mua. Ko te painga ake ko te hokohoko matihiko, e tata ana ki te whakauru i to waitohu ki roto i te pukoro o tetahi ka whai ia ratou ki hea e haere ai.

Ka kitea to pakihi i nga ra katoa puta noa i te Rapu Google, GMail me YouTube me etahi atu - he mea whakamiharo te toronga me te hokohoko moemoea 20 tau ki muri.

Kare e taea te whakapau moni ki a Google Ads na te mea ka tukuna e ratou te mana whakahaere mo te whakapaunga o to moni ki a koe. Ka taea e koe te aro ki nga kupu matua motuhake, te tautapa i te maha o nga tono, me te whakarite i nga rohe tahua o ia ra. Ko te mea nui, ka utua noa koe ina ka paohia he panui kia mau koe ki te tuuru taraiwa.


3. Whakanuia te Tae Waitohu ki a Google Ads 

whakanui ake i te tohu tohu me nga panui google
He nui noa atu a Google Ads i te huarahi ki te peia nga pao. He taputapu kaha ki te hora i te mohiotanga o te waitohu me te whakanui ake i to whakaaturanga. He mea nui tenei mo nga pakihi hou.

Ko te whakapakari i to ingoa Waitohu, te tangata, te ingoa, me era atu mea nui hei hanga whakawhirinaki ki o manuhiri. Ko te nui ake o to korero i enei mea i nga wa katoa, ka kaha ake to Waitohu me te nui ake o to whakawhirinaki ki nga kaihoko pea. A ko te whakawhirinaki, i te mutunga ka whiwhi koe i nga kaihoko me nga kaihoko pono, kaua e pohehe - ko te whakawhirinaki te mea katoa.

Ma te whakamahi i te whatunga Google Ads, ahakoa karekau nga kaihoko e pa ana ki o panui, ka kite ratou i to Waitohu. To ingoa, to korero whakapiri me nga mea e tukuna ana e koe, hei taapiri mo etahi atu mea ka tohua e koe hei whakaatu i runga i to panui.

He maha ano nga whiringa ki te aro ki te whakanui ake i te toronga o to Waitohu ki runga ake i nga mea katoa, he iti ake nga pao me te maha atu o nga tohu hei tauira. Ma tenei taumata whakarite me te ngawari, ka taea e koe te whakakoi me te whakamahine i o whaainga hokohoko - ka tutuki. He mea 'kei to keke me te kai ano'.


4. Nga Whakaaetanga Purongo Taonga i roto i nga Panui a Google

te kaha ki te tuku korero panui a google
Ina tae mai ki te hokohoko, he mea nui te purongo.
Ki te kore e taea e koe te tātari tika i te ahua o te mahi o to kaupapa whakatairanga, ko te mea pai, kei te petipeti koe me to tahua panui me te kino rawa atu he matapo koe.

Ki te kore he kaha ki te purongo, ka pohehe he pehea te whai hua o to kaupapa hokohoko - ko to ROI me to reiti Tahuri te mea nui - me te kino atu, kaore koe e mohio he aha te whakapai ake hei huri i nga mea. 

Karekau noa a Google Ads e whakarato ana i te maha o nga korero wetewete, penei i te tauira kua kitea i runga ake nei, engari ka hono marie ki nga huinga tātaritanga kia nui ake ai enei kaha me te maarama he aha nga huarahi o tenei waka ki runga i to paetukutuku.

To tatou huinga tātaritanga AnaTrix, Ko te 100% he hototahi ki a Google Ads ka taea e koe te whai i enei hokohoko hokohoko katoa ma te whakamahi i nga Takahanga, he waahanga hei awhina i nga huringa. I nga wa katoa, ka aro turuki i nga waa-a-waa he aha nga manuhiri katoa e titiro ana ki to paetukutuku me te kore e whakararu i to raatau tūmataiti.

AnaTrix he huinga tātari kore pihikete, e aro nui ana ki a ia, me te mea kei mua i ona kaiwhakataetae i roto i te ngawari me te rahi - iti iho i te 1kb! Tirohia…

anatrix web analytics suite by viewfule
Ka whakarato ano hoki a Google Analytics i nga kaha aroturuki tino taipitopito ka taea e koe te ripoata. Ahakoa ko tehea huinga wetewete e whiriwhiria e koe, ka whai mana katoa koe kia tino mana koe, i nga wa katoa, ka kite i te wa e timata ana nga kaupapa ki te haere ki te 'piste' me te wawaotanga i mua i te takahanga o nga wira.


5. Nga Hua Tere atu i te SEO me Google Ads

seo vs google ads he pai ake
He huarahi tere ake a Google Ads ki te whakatipu i to pakihi. Heoi, ko te whakaatu katoa, ko te Rapu Rapu Rapu, ko te SEO ranei te tuara o nga paetukutuku tino torohia. Ko nga whakairinga me nga wharangi ka kitea e koe i te wharangi tuatahi o nga hua rapunga a Google ehara i te mea he pai te tuhi me nga kupu matua kua ata rangahauhia; no ratou ki nga paetukutuku kua whakaemihia te maha o nga backlinks kua mau tonu i a raatau i roto i te waa.

Ko nga backlinks, a ka roa pea, ko te take tuatahi mo nga paetukutuku me nga Taonga Tukutuku Matua (ko taatau tuhia he tuhinga i runga tata nei).

Engari, kaore te SEO e puta i te po. Ka roa pea nga tau i mua i te tuunga o tetahi o o wharangi paetukutuku ki te wharangi tuatahi o Google mo te kupu rapu kupu matua whanui. He maha nga pakihi, he pouri, kaore e kite i te ra na te mea kaore ratou i kite i te uara o te mahi tahi me tetahi tohunga SEO kia tae atu ki reira. Engari me Google Ads, ka taea e koe te whakatika i tenei raru.

kaikaute i te kapiti google ads

Ka tiimata ana koe ki a Google Ads, ka tino pai ake to tupono i a koe e peke ana i nga hua pararopi katoa i runga i te wharangi huanga miihini rapu (SERPs).

Ka kite koe i te tauira i runga ake nei mo te Kaute Kaute, i te wa e rapu ana koe mo te 'kaute i te kapiti' kei runga tonu to pakihi. Na tenei tuunga panui utu nui, ka tipu haere to hokohoko paetukutuku me te ngawari ake me te wa ano.

Karekau he rapunga mutunga kore mo nga backlinks utu nui ka piki ake to wharangi ki runga i nga hua rapu i nga waahi penei me SEO. I tua atu, karekau he hopu i runga i te kiato kupu matua i runga i to wharangi taunga i muri i te panui. Ina timata aua Panui - kei reira tonu koe, kei runga.

Ko te waahi ka titiro tuatahi te katoa, ko te tikanga ka tu koe ki te hopu i te nuinga o nga hokohoko tukutuku. 75% o nga pao katoa i te wharangi tuatahi ka puta ki runga. 


Ko o mahi ka whai ake.

I VIEWFULE, ka awhina matou ki te whakarato pakihi, pera i a koe, me te whiwhi i te 'bang mo to peera' ia ra. Ko te whakatakoto i nga tohu puta noa i te taone nui, te hanga panui reo irirangi, te tuhi panui niupepa, te tuku panui panui ranei kua kore e whai hua nga tikanga hokohoko i runga i nga paerewa o enei ra. He rawakore te ROI ki te whakatairite, he tino uaua ki te whai me te ripoata, a kua tino piki ake nga utu ki te $1000 ia marama i etahi wa. Ka taea e koe te karo i tenei katoa me Google Ads. No reira toro atu ki a maatau mo to korero KOREUTU a ka korero maatau mehemea e tika ana a Rapu Engine Marketing mo to pakihi.

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