Kapiti Food Fair 2023 – We are Silver Sponsors!

We are excited to announce our Silver sponsorship of the Kāpiti Food Fair 2023!

As passionate supporters of local events, partnering with the Kāpiti Food Fair aligns perfectly with our values and goals. This wonderful local event celebrates the region’s diverse culinary offerings, locally sourced produce, and vibrant community spirit. We aim to support the growth and success of all businesses involved and are eager to help local food vendors and exhibitors maximise their online visibility, attract new customers, and ultimately boost their sales.

live music in kapiti 2023

Nestled in the heart of Paraparaumu on the Kāpiti Coast, a picturesque coastal town in New Zealand. The Kapiti Food Fair has become a highlight on the region’s culinary calendar. Showcasing the finest local food producers, artisanal crafts, and live entertainment. This event is a feast for all the senses!

When you step into the grounds, the vibrant energy in the air is palpable. Stalls filled with delectable treats are strategically spaced out, allowing you to meander through the lanes, sampling the diverse offerings at your own leisure. From organic fruit and vegetables to mouthwatering cheeses and succulent meats, the fair truly offers something for every taste bud.

Kapiti Food Fair local events in paraparaumu

One of the standout features of the Kāpiti Food Fair is the focus on locally sourced produce. The Kāpiti Coast is blessed with fertile soil and a mild climate, making it a haven for farmers and growers. As you walk past the vendors, the delicious aromas wafting through the air are a testament to the freshness and quality of all the local produce.

But it’s not just about food at the Kāpiti Food Fair. With a wide range of artisans showcasing their crafts, you can also discover unique handcrafted items. From beautiful pottery to handmade jewelry and clothing, there is an abundance of treasures waiting to be discovered for the whole family.

Kapiti Food Fair Cheese vendors
Let’s not forget the live entertainment that fills the grounds throughout the day though. Local musicians and performers take to the stages, creating an upbeat and lively atmosphere. The talented artists add an extra layer of enjoyment to the already fun and family friendly experience.

As the day progresses and the sun sets on the picturesque Kāpiti Coast, a whole new experience awaits attendees. Enter The Night Gig, a seperate ticketed event. The evening concert that brings the fair to a crescendo. Headlined by the incredibly talented Tami Neilson, this event is a must-attend for all music lovers in Wellington.

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Tami Neilson, a celebrated New Zealand artist with a soulful voice that can mesmerize the crowds, is known for her captivating stage presence. Her blend of country, soul, and rockabilly tunes will have your toes tapping and hips swaying.

The Night Gig provides the perfect opportunity to wind down after a day of indulgence at the Kāpiti Food Fair. Picture yourself sipping a glass of locally produced wine or craft beer while enjoying Tami Neilson’s enchanting performance under the starlit sky on a warm summers evening. It truly is a magical experience that combines the best of music, food, and community spirit.

Kapiti Food Fair Event 2023 Tami Neilson
The Kāpiti Food Fair and The Night Gig offer not just a day and night of extraordinary experiences but also a chance to support local businesses and celebrate the vibrant Kāpiti community. VIEWFULE, with its expertise in boosting online visibility and reaching new customers, is thrilled to partner with this event.

We believe that local businesses are the backbone of any community. We are committed to helping the vendors and exhibitors at the Kāpiti Food Fair maximise their online presence, connect with a broader audience, and ultimately thrive in an increasingly digital world. So mark your calendars for the next Kāpiti Food Fair and The Night Gig on 2 December 2023. Whether you savour the tantalising food offerings, revel in the live entertainment, or simply immerse yourself in the vibrant community spirit, this event promises to satisfy your senses and leave you with cherished memories.

Make sure to secure your tickets today for the Kāpiti Food Fair: https://events.humanitix.com/kapiti-food-fair-2023
For the Night Gig presented by Kāpiti Food Fair, book your tickets here: https://events.humanitix.com/kapiti-food-fair-night-gig-2023

All imagery in this post is courtesy of Kapiti Food Fair.

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