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Scale Your Online Growth with Meta Ads

Meta Advertising - Facebook & Instagram

Meta Ads are a form of internet marketing that use Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. Meta Ads get your business found FAST! SEO takes time to deliver results but Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads solve this problem and boosts your website traffic immediately. Meta advertising can be powerful and highly effective as you could earn sales immediately once those Ads are running whether you offer Services or Products.
  • Provide you a Meta Ads Expert. Who will discuss your budget and goals to assess whether Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads are right for your needs.
  • Define a Meta Ads strategy. Tailoured just for you that targets your ideal audience by Location, Age, Gender and Time of day. We combine Demographic Targeting, Keyword Targeting, and Device Targeting to help maximise the effectiveness of your ads.
  • Manage your Campaign. With refined targeting and ongoing optimisation to provide you with the best ‘bang for your buck’ from beginning to end.
  • Avoid a low Budget. It is recommended that you start a Meta Ads campaign with a minimum of $1000.
  • Confirm a Market exists. You need to make sure you perform due diligence, confirm there is a market for what you offer otherwise no Meta campaign, however effective it may be, will help you.
  • Steer clear of anything Radical. All the Ads platforms have rules and regulations regarding what you are permitted to advertise and how you can promote them.

How Does Meta Advertising Work?

Successful Meta Ads are all about creating the right strategy. Dynamic and Engaging Ad creatives that the right audience need to click.

Keyword Research

We perform in-depth keyword analysis to identify the highest performing search terms. Whilst removing any negative keywords which are likely to receive the lowest search volume and highest cost per click. This saves you money and improves traffic.

Audience Segments

Knowing your target audience and choosing the right audience segments is a vital step in the Meta Ads process. Selecting appropriate topics and the demographics are further ways to refine the campaign to improve the conversion rate.

Ad Design

Once your target keywords are chosen, we create highly engaging text, image or banner ads to appear across Meta. The aim being to capture the interest of a visitor quickly so they want to click to learn more.

Campaign Management

Meta Ad campaigns require constant upkeep to avoid wasting Ad spend whilst improving their Click through Rate (CTR). Meta campaigns are rarely highly effective at the beginning so it's vital not to have a 'set it and forget it' mentality but keep managing.

Ad Schedules

Your Ad spend won't last long if your Ads are running 24/7. We control this before any campaign begins by ensuring your Ads only run when the date and time is suitable. If you're a Florist, you wouldn't want your Ads running at 3am with 'Call Now!'.

Reporting & Analysis

Monthly Reports and 'End of Campaign' Summaries put you firmly in the driving seat so you see exactly where your Ad spend is going. Our reports include detailed analysis so you can catch any issues early before they become a major headache.

Looking to Advertise on Google or Bing?

You need our Search Engine Marketing services to advertise on Google Ads or Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads). Our PPC Marketing services cover advertising on Social Media, or similar platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or TikTok.

Why Social Media Ads Engage So Well.

Advertising on Social Media, such as Meta, helps connect your business with people interested in what you offer. It achieves this with highly targeted audience segments. As a result, it can considerably increase your conversion rate. The costs of Meta Ads is comparatively speaking, a bargain, versus traditional advertising too.


Increase Conversions

With a strong Meta ads strategy, you could generate new sales on the same day. Few other solutions offer an ROI that fast.

Highly Targeted

By leveraging all the targeting options, such as geo-targeting, ad scheduling and demos, you can skyrocket your performance and save money.

Brand Recognition

By choosing highly targeted keywords, you boost your brand awareness with the right visitor. This brings great visibility for all your products and services.
SEO + Meta

Synergistic Benefits

By combining Meta Ads with SEO, you optimise your entire web experience so you please visitors and search engines alike. Reap the benefits of being found more easily.

Competitive Advantage

Your competitors will likely be investing in Meta Ads, so you should too. Those who invest heavily in Ads often outrank the competition and gain market share.

Campaign Options

Unlike SEO, when search engines control how organic search results are displayed, Meta Ads gives you full control over how your business is represented online.

Basic Meta Ads Package

From $199 NZD Per Month
  • 1 Facebook Ad Campaign
  • Engaging Ad Creative
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Basic Keyword Research
  • 1 Audience Targeting
  • 1 Topic Applied
  • 1 Tree Planted within N.Z
  • Reports 100% Owned by You
  • 2% Of All Our Profits Donated

Premium Meta Ads Package

From $349 NZD Per Month
  • 2 Facebook and Instagram Ads Campaigns
  • Highly Engaging Ad Creative
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Premium Keyword Research
  • 3 Audience Targeting
  • 3 Topics Applied
  • 14-Day Ongoing Management
  • End of Campaign Report
  • 1 Tree Planted within N.Z
  • Reports 100% Owned by You
  • 2% Of All Our Profits Donated

Custom Meta Ads Package

100% Tailoured To Your Needs
  • 3+ Facebook Ads and Instagram Ad Campaigns
  • Account Creation Service
  • All Ad Types Welcome
  • Multiple Highly Engaging Ad Creatives
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Superior Keyword Research
  • 5+ Audience Targeting
  • 5+ Topics Applied
  • 30-Day Ongoing Management
  • Monthly Reporting
  • End of Campaign Reports
  • 1 Tree Planted within N.Z
  • Reports 100% Owned by You
  • 2% Of All Our Profits Donated

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