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Android & iOS Mobile App Development

Modern Responsive Mobile Apps

Reach a global audience with an iOS & Android Mobile App for your business and connect with customers all over the world. While a modern website is important for brand awareness, investing in a mobile app allows you to virtually put your business in their pocket. Users spend 90% of their daily screen time on apps and 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. If you want to take your business to the next level, consider an iOS & Android app for the growth potential. We are Mobile App Developers in Kapiti that can realise your mobile app potential.
  • Provide you with an App Specialist. Who will meet with you anywhere on the Kapiti Coast to discuss your requirements and assess whether a Mobile App is suitable for your needs.
  • Design & Develop any Mobile App. Our App Developers are highly experienced in Google Flutter & React Native. We can develop Restaurant ordering apps, Dating apps, Membership apps and more.
  • Provide Competitive Quotes. We develop in cross-platform frameworks which keep costs down and make development faster and easier. iOS and Android updates are less of a problem too.
  • Allocate a Significant Budget. We recommend starting with a minimum of $30,000 with $50,000 – $100,000 being common depending on the requirements.
  • Be clear on your Goals. Communicate what you want your mobile app to achieve right from the beginning. It will save you considerable time and money in the long run.
  • Expect the process to take Time. From the initial design stages through to testing, resulting in a fully functional turn-key app expect an average of 12 months. Between 5 and 15 months is common depending on the requirements.

Unlock The Potential.

In 2021, there were over 600 million daily app downloads. Consider making yours one of them to get in on the action. Here’s why:

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is important when being #1 is the ultimate goal of a business. By developing a mobile app, companies can target a vast audience and start developing robust relationships.

Customer Loyalty

Android & iOS apps help to communicate their users’ interest in specific offers and products. Furthermore, they assist teams in planning ahead to better engage with their user base.

Improve Engagement

With the power of In-app and Push notifications to as many customers as you wish, you can encourage customers to become loyal to your brand with personalised marketing.

Payment Options

You can be fully flexible with payments in mobile apps. With fast, user-friendly, and secure processes. Businesses can integrate direct payments via debit and credit cards and more.

Gain Market Share

Small and Medium sized businesses can gain market share if their competitors do not have a mobile app. This could be the defining means to stand out and get your Brand discovered.

Build Trust

Building trust has never been easier when your customers are carrying your business virtually around in their pocket every single day. Push notifications take this to the next level.

Create a Community

Growing a passionate following is vital to any Brand but it's particularly important for Mobile Apps to survive. Creating an app people NEED or WANT is vital and not just one they like.

Customer Experience

Google Flutter and React Native apps look beautiful with their highly expressive UI's. Customers love to see, and be a part of, the latest trends and this includes modern app design.

Capture Analytics

Measuring success, collecting data and customer feedback quickly are vital so you know what direction the app needs to head to be profitable and secure the desired market position.

Apps Built For the Future

Cross-platform mobile applications are developed in a shorter time frame so you enter the market and analyse user feedback faster.
This is achieved by using platforms such as Google Flutter or React Native, with their single code base and flexible architectures.

Why Cross-Platform App Development Works.

Native apps are written for one specific platform, like Android or iOS, but not both. Developing a native app for both Android & iOS requires the creation of two apps, support for two codebases and two sets of teams. This results in a very costly process to create a turn-key app. This is where cross-platform development comes to the rescue with apps for both Android and iOS created at the same time, from one single code and by only one team.


Cost Effective

By developing in one single code, with the same programming language, you require a smaller development team and this reduces costs.

Stable UI

Cross-Platform mobile applications pride themselves on stable interfaces. Their UI performance is equivalent to Native apps with a unified and attractive look.

Market Reach

Deploying apps on multiple platforms broadens your market reach. Android and iOS cover 98% of the mobile operating landscape. About 25% are iOS users and 75% are Android users.

Beautiful Apps

Google Flutter provides a highly expressive and flexible UI with full control over the entire display across all mobile devices.

Reuse Code

This feature eliminates repetitive tasks and speeds up the app development process. As the same code is reused, it fixes bugs and adds new features at the same time.

Faster Development

Enhanced speed is one of the most effective benefits of Cross-Platform mobile application development, You can create a turn-key app up to 50% faster than native.

2024 Mobile App UX Design

Prices Start From $8,000 NZD Plus GST.
  • Weekly Payments Available
  • Up to 30 Pages/Screens
  • Up to 8 Dashboard UI’s
  • App Icon Created
  • Responsive Design
  • Functional Prototype
  • Wireframes Supplied
  • Commercially Licensed Images
  • Source Files Included
  • 100% Owned by You
  • 1 Tree Planted within N.Z
  • 2% Of All Our Profits Donated

2024 Mobile App Development

Prices Start From $30,000 NZD Plus GST & Hosting Costs.
  • Weekly Payments Available
  • Requires Complete UX Design
  • Functional Turn-Key App
  • Android & iOS Release
  • iTunes & Play Store Submission
  • Ad Network Integration
  • Hosting not included
  • Basic Functionality only
  • Google Flutter Development only
  • Source Code Included
  • 100% Owned by You
  • 1 Tree Planted within N.Z
  • 2% Of All Our Profits Donated

2024 Bespoke Mobile App

100% Tailoured To Your Needs Plus GST & Hosting Costs.
  • Weekly Payments Available
  • Requires Complete UX Design
  • Superior Turn-Key App
  • Android & iOS Release
  • iTunes & Play Store Submission
  • Ad Network Integration
  • Hosting included
  • Complex Functionality
  • Google Flutter or React Native
  • Geolocation + Camera Apps
  • Biometric & Social Media Logins
  • Push Notifications
  • 256Bit Database Encryption
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance
  • Source Code Included
  • 100% Owned by You
  • 1 Tree Planted within N.Z
  • 2% Of All Our Profits Donated

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