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Point of Sale & CRM Retail Systems.

The right Point of Sale and Retail Technology will save you time and money.  The ‘dream team’ in 2023 is a complete Retail Management System. An RMS combines the latest Point of Sale (POS) systems, with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Inventory Management and powerful Reporting capabilities. This all comes together to empower retailers so you optimise daily operations whilst engaging with your customers more effectively.
  • Provide you with a Retail IT Specialist. Who can meet at your retail business to discuss all the challenges you face and offer affordable Point of Sale solutions.
  • Produce a clear report. After the meeting, that provides you with impartial recommendations that are easy to understand and respects your priorities and budget.
  • Define actionable steps. That you can decide to implement either entirely or in stages, to fully embrace the revenue generating potential of your business with the right Point of Sale system.
  • Ensure you use modern Retail IT. This is important for reliability and data security reasons. Make sure all your POS IT, from Monitors to Tills are all within warranty and have an upgrade strategy.
  • Buy uninterruptable power supplies (UPS). These can, literally, save your business from disaster. They protect your Retail IT from power spikes and outages that can damage circuitry and wipe storage drives. Don’t let this happen to your business.
  • Keep fans and grills dust free. A quick easy task once per week. Fans moving freely circulate the air correctly and this keeps your IT running nice and cool. Heat is the #1 cause of IT systems to fail.

Level Up Your Retail Technology.

Fortune favours the brave. Invest in your Point of Sale today so you can reap the rewards tomorrow – we have your back.

Point of Sale (POS)

An efficient Point of Sale (POS) system that incorporates sales and inventory management puts you in control of your day to day operations. Retailers that spend the time and resources to implement a system, before they need them, reap the benefits.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is vital for organising all your customers information. This includes sales leads, so you can easily stay in touch with them. Track their interests and buying habits then sell more effectively to them next time.

Payment Systems & Cryptocurrency

There are dozens of ways a customer can pay for goods. From Debit cards, to Credit cards, POli and 'Buy now, Pay later' (BNPL) platforms such as Afterpay. Cryptocurrency is also on the rise so don't miss out.

Disaster Recovery

When the worst happens you need to ensure backups are available. They also need to be recent so you don't lose data. We ensure your backups are working automatically so if and when the time comes, you are protected with minimal fallout.

Omnichannel & Multichannel

Multichannel blends the customer experience and offers them the choice to engage on the channel they prefer. Whereas Omnichannel is immersive and puts the customer at the centre. Consider applying them, they dramatically increase revenue.

Upgrades & Maintenance

Your retail technology wasn't cheap to buy and it won't be cheap to replace if it fails either. Routine maintenance is the best way to keep it running reliably. We offer this service and create upgrade strategies to always keep you ahead of the curve.

Why Connecting Your POS To An Online Shop is Vital.

A positive customer experience means you increase your revenue. By keeping your POS systems and eCommerce systems separate, you are putting up barriers for your customer which negatively affects their experience. Here are some BIG reasons why you should connect the two.

Strategic Decisions

Be confident in your strategic decisions by analysing the data of your customers behaviour on CRM. This identifies ways to better engage with them.

Synergistic Benefits

By combining a POS with SEO on your eCommerce platform, you optimise your web marketing by putting your products in front of the right audience. This increases revenue.

Customer Retention

Who doesn't like feeling valued and appreciated? CRM identifies your most loyal customers so you can reward them. As a result, they remember you and return for more.

Keeping Fresh

With an effective CRM, trends and forecasting are much easier to create and more accurate too. Use this to your advantage and stay ahead of trends.

Outpace Competition

By connecting your POS and eCommerce systems, your efficiency will skyrocket and efficient businesses are often the most successful.

Negative Reviews

Statistics reveal around 88% of online users are unlikely to return to a website after a bad experience. Identify these problems before they become a major headache.

Basic POS / CRM Package

Prices Start From $1,999 NZD
  • Basic POS or CRM Install
  • 1-5 Users Added
  • 1-50 Products/Clients
  • Software Only
  • Offline Access Only
  • 1 Tree Planted within N.Z
  • Data 100% Owned by You
  • 2% Of All Our Profits Donated

Premium POS / CRM Package

Prices Start From $2,999 NZD
  • Premium POS or CRM Install
  • 5-25 Users Added
  • 50-250 Products/Clients
  • Software Only
  • Online & Offline Capable
  • Major Brands Welcome
  • Daily Cloud Backup
  • 1 Tree Planted within N.Z
  • Data 100% Owned by You
  • 2% Of All Our Profits Donated

Custom RMS Package

100% Tailoured To Your Needs
  • Superior RMS Install
  • 25+ Users Added
  • 250+ Products/Clients
  • Software and/or Hardware
  • Online & Offline Capable
  • Major Brands Welcome
  • Multichannel & Omnichannel Ready
  • Hourly Cloud Backups
  • 1 Tree Planted within N.Z
  • Data 100% Owned by You
  • 2% Of All Our Profits Donated

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