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Your Results-Driven Web Services Company.

Welcome to VIEWFULE, a fresh new approach to web services. We love being a small business, we take the time to know you and your company. Listening to the challenges you face and offering you the right solutions for the right price. Based in Kapiti, we are fully flexible and react to your needs rapidly with access to the entire Wellington region. We proudly stand behind our quality by offering you these 4 world-class benefits as standard which apply to most of our services.
No Pre-Payment Required.
30 Day Payment Terms.
100% Money-Back Guarantee.
We Create, You Own 100%.
Whether you need a new Website, SEO to get you found or a new Ads campaign to be promoted – we have you covered. Developing effective strategies for our clients is our passion, whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500. So meet the team and reach out for your FREE consultation. You’ll quickly realise why our clients choose us for all their web services needs.

Our Services

We offer industry-leading services and provide our clients a personal experience from Design to Marketing and Reporting.


Leadership Team

Our success is a result of teamwork and building upon our technical expertise and creative style to provide a tailoured experience for our clients.

The Story of VIEWFULE

We are entirely client-orientated. Learn all about our origin and motivations so you feel you’re making the right decision.


SEO before SEO.
This was the year Oliver began tinkering with SEO, long before it was even known as that. Learning about Meta Tags and how they influence search engine ranking.


Top 3 Website.
Oliver achieved a top 3 search engine ranking in the UK for a small independent 'Games & Gadget' Retailer and received industry praise for it's design. A first for its time to include animations and videos in an entirely custom HTML base.


Sharpening the Skills.
Oliver by this stage was skilled in all aspects of web design, development and SEO, but he lacked knowledge of mobile app design. This is the year he developed his first app!


Time to Travel.
Travelling the world, seeing the sights... this is what everyone dreams of on their OE. Oliver travelled throughout Europe, Asia and landed on the shores of New Zealand. Here he met his future wife Ingrid.


The Fortune 500.
This was an incredibly exciting year when Oliver joined The Body Shop International at their Head Office in the UK. Within a few years he had worked for The Estee Lauder Companies and LVMH Group.


The VIEWFULE Concept.
This is the year Oliver and Ingrid, returning from her work throughout the middle-east, began planning for VIEWFULE. They decided on the service offering and the concept began taking shape.


VIEWFULE is Founded.
VIEWFULE's founding was delayed almost 2 years due to the pandemic. However all it meant was Oliver and Ingrid had more time to get it right. Creating a moral and ethical business that takes a fresh approach to website design and puts it's clients first.

What Our Clients Say

Our clients have experienced some amazing results since coming on board. Read their stories and learn more about how our techniques have led to success.